WISE Club Meets with Middle Schoolers

WISE-Club-Meets-with-Middle-SchoolersOn February 17, the WISE Club at Lake Central High School visited Kahler Middle School for a day full of fun science experiments. There were eight different experiments all performed by the WISE members and some were interactive while others simply awed their audience.

“This is our Kahler Science Day. We have stations set up and little experiments for the seventh graders. It’s a fun day but it also encourages the kids about science and they get really excited about it so it’s really fun for them [too],” Nicole Geer (12), WISE President, said.

The Lake Central Chapter of WISE exists for young girls in Lake Central to learn more about the STEM Fields. It started back in 2012.

“It stands for Women in Science and Engineering. It’s a club where girls who are interested in science or math fields come [together] to do cool stuff,” Katelyn Macknyk (10) said.

The students each got a chance to see the experiments during their science classes. The middle schoolers took home with them a new outlook on science, and a message about women.

“[It’s cool because] not only men can do this, but also women. This program just really inspires me to get a goal met in life,,” Gloria Fonseca (7) said.