WhoaZone Set to Open at Whihala Beach in Whiting On June 24

WhoaZone Set to Open at Whihala Beach in Whiting On June 24

WHO is it? The City of Whiting!
WHAT is it? WhoaZone!
WHERE is it? Whihala Beach!
WHEN is it? Why, in 15 days everyone!

You heard us, the wet, wild, wacky WhoaZone at Whihala Beach in Whiting will be open June 24th! Grab your suit, your friends and family, and get to the beach!

WhoaZone is the name given to the summer fun zone in Whiting. The main attraction is the Wibit floating playground that has been in the news and on the minds of Northwest Indiana residents for weeks now.

As mentioned before in our “The City of Whiting is Making Waves with a Floating Playground in Lake Michigan” article, the playground is an assortment of brightly colored floating aquatic inflatables configured in the shape of a bouncy playground. The zone will also include the ability to rent and enjoy Stand-Up Paddleboards, Kayaks, Cords, and Beach Cabanas! Plus, when you leave for the day you can purchase a t-shirt that says, “WhoaZone” so you can brag about your awesome summer activities to your friends!

What is great about WhoaZone is that you can head to their website and choose what day you want to play at the park. For safety reasons, the playground can only allow up to 120-140 people at one time, so instead of going there and waiting in lines, book what day works best for you and your family!

Head to the website now to purchase tickets!

One hour sessions are $20, a double session will be $30, and the early bird special is just $25 per person. The park is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. weather permitting and will be open from June 24th to September 4th! You can cancel your reservation and get a full refund with 24 hours notice, and for weather or other unforeseen circumstances guests will also get a refund or credit back.

The website has all the details about the park and what to bring to enjoy the day. All you and your family have to do is arrive, get wet, have fun, and a grab a t-shirt on your way home!

To learn more and to book your first summer day at the park, click here!