“When You Want to Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe, Then You’ll be Successful.”

bgw-PT-testimonialSo we have recently come upon a special company that makes it’s living of making people happier and healthier. It’s called Beyond Gym Walls, LLC. April Gatlin is the founder and owner of said company and she leads bootcamps for individuals who are serious about getting better bodies and better health. Not only does she do that, but Gatlin also does one-on-one personal training all right here in Northwest Indiana. Below is a verbal before and after case for one of her clients.

So take a loot at what Kayla Vargo has to say about her journey and how she is Active in NWI!

Written by Kayla Vargo

Weight loss, self control, and self discipline have been a constant battle I've fought for many years. A roller coaster of extreme weight gain, little weight loss, stress levels, and everyday curveballs life tends to throw at us had me turning to food for comfort.

I met April Gatlin at a group spin class and became a "regular" at her group spin and boot camp sessions. I learned quickly that I thoroughly enjoyed her style of training and it became something that I looked forward to on a weekly basis. I found myself working my tail off in the gym only to go home and eat whatever my heart desired. Right around the new year of 2013 I chose to take the plunge and decided that I would probably benefit most from a one on one style of personal training with April. She has taken her passion and knowledge for health and personal training to an extreme, complete with food journaling and ultimate accountability.

Active in NWI GraphicNo one has ever made me feel like they believed in me quite like she has. April expects 110% to be given because that is exactly what she brings with her everyday. She believes in you even when you get down on yourself for a bad day or a bad week (we all have them). She has taught me the beautiful lesson that you can ALWAYS "out eat" a workout and food choice is key to healthy weight loss along with regular exercise.

Above all, she'll never give up on you. Even when you think you can't go on, or you get the feeling of defeat, just to know that she'll always be there, knowing and convincing you that if you REALLY want it, you can have everything you work so hard for. It's self-fulfillment that I've never felt in myself. To have someone work so hard, believe so much in your ability, and show you exactly how much you really are capable of and then beyond is something I can't explain in words.

My life is now changed forever thanks to this wonderful person who I feel so incredibly lucky to know and now call my friend. April has proven herself over and over again not only through my personal success of nearly 40 lbs. lost and a 10% decrease in body fat in only five and a half short months, but she does it the safest and healthiest way possible with a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise for each of her classes and clients. I've never felt so strong, so beautiful, and so confident in myself that it's almost as if I've been born again. Thank you April Gatlin for believing in me and being my rock and my motivator through this journey. I couldn't have done it without you. One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind while chasing your dreams and reaching your goals: as long as you want it as bad as she wants it for you, then you will succeed!

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."

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