What to buy (and skip buying) in October

What to buy (and skip buying) in October

With supply chain issues and inflation, hunting for bargains is now more important than ever. Below are a few suggestions on items to buy (and items to not buy) in October. 

Buy: Winter Outerwear

This time of year is still reasonably warm in most of the U.S., but retailers want you to be thinking about the snow and cold. Discounts on winter outerwear usually pop up in October to encourage shoppers to get a jump on purchasing these items. 

Skip: Other Clothing

While October is a great time to upgrade your coat, pass on shopping for other clothing items, as these items will probably go on sale as we approach the holiday shopping season, and in January, when retailers slash prices to make way for spring inventory. The only exception would be formal wear, which is typically not discounted until post-New Years to account for folks shopping for the perfect outfit for their New Year’s Eve celebration. 

If you miss the sales in October on outerwear, never fear! Sales on these items are also likely to come back in January and February as retailers “think spring” and want to clear the aisles for Spring Break season. 

Buy: Outdoor Furniture and Grills

As retailers make way for snow blowers and shovels, prices are slashed on grills, outdoor furniture and perennials. Check out your favorite home improvement stores for great deals on these items, and stock up for those springtime projects. 

Skip: Electronics

Wait until Black Friday and holiday sales to make these purchases. This is when you’ll see the biggest sales on everything from TVs to computers to AirPods to gaming consoles. These sales can save you hundreds of dollars, so they are definitely worth the wait. 

Buy: Halloween Gear

Of course, the closer you get to October 31, the bigger the sales will be on Halloween costumes, décor and candy. However, with the COVID impact on supply chain, be warned that waiting for a deal may mean that the costume your kid is dreaming about may no longer be available to purchase, or that your favorite Halloween candy may be sold out. 

Bonus Sales on Tacos and Desserts

Look out for sales on Tacos and Desserts in October, thanks to National Taco Day on October 4 and National Dessert Day on October 14. 

Be sure to follow your favorite taco shack or dessert shop on their social media channels, sign up for emails and keep an eye open for promotions that these establishments and enjoy some great food at fantastic prices. 

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