What Can You Expect to Find on NWIndianaLife.com?

nwi-lifeAt Ideas in Motion Media, we began publishing good-news-only online communities in March of 2009, starting with ValpoLife.com. In 2010, we launched PortageLife.com and in 2012 we launched LaPorteCountyLife.com.

Now, on August 1, 20113, we will be launching NWIndianaLife.com. We announced the launch at our 2nd Annual Good Life Awards at Industrial Revolution, and we’re excited for the opportunity and all the possibilities of sharing and promoting good news throughout all of Northwest Indiana.

The one question we’ve heard again and again as we launch each of our sites has been...

What is LIFE All About?

For those of you who don’t know us, we’re a positive news source, all online. We use our website, social media networks, email newsletter, and any other means to share good news and help tell the positive stories of the people, organizations, and businesses serving each of our areas. We’re in Valpo, we’re in Portage, and we’re in La Porte County. Now we’re all over the region.

For those of you who DO know us, thanks for being an early adopter of our idea that this good news thing can grow. We’re gonna be busy.

We defines us may be most easily understood by what we are not. Check out the “We’re Just Not the Place for That” article, which defines all the decisions we make.

What Can You Expect to Find on NWIndianaLife.com?

Well, think of it as what we do on our original three sites, only think of it as having more of a Lake County-focus. There are some great communities in Lake County that all have a ton of great stories, fundraisers, groups, teams, churches, schools, businesses and people to share. NWIndianaLife.com will be the go-to source for all of that.

Do you have good news to share?

Start sending us your info today. If you’re a non profit, we want to help you get more people at your fundraiser. We want to help churches and religious institutions share their positive messages. We want to share the story of the hard-working student, the football team that won the Pop Warner tournament, the concert in the park, and everything in between. We profile people who do good things. If it’s good, we want it on our website, and we’ll share it every way we can.

Are You a Business That Wants to Reach the Community Online?

Our partners make good news possible. We provide great, cost-effective options and we are very good at what we do. Just ask our friends.

Ready to share? Visit www.nwindianalife.com/share to send us an email to share@nwindianalife.com and see what the Good News people can do.

What Will Change on the Existing Life Sites?

ValpoLife.com will certainly become even more Valpo-ized now in it’s focus. Same for Portage and La Porte County, respectively. For all of your Valpo news, come to ValpoLife. For all of your Portage news, come to PortageLife. For all of your La Porte County news, come to LaPorteCountyLife.

We’ll still share information as we have since we began, but many of our contributors that we have posted on our sites outside of our geographical areas (Duneland School Corporation, City of Gary, Hebron First United Methodist Church) will find a new home on NWIndianaLife.

How Can I Connect with NWIndianaLife.com?

Great question! Visit our website (in beta mode until August 1st as we fine-tune your experience and continue loading truck loads of good news and events into the hopper), “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow us on LinkedIn, +1 us on Google Plus, subscribe to our email newsletter, subscribe to our RSS feed and stay tuned for updates as we continue to grow our Good News Network.