What are the top 3 reasons Sublime clients move?

What are the top 3 reasons Sublime clients move?

If you have come across this post, chances are you have considered moving into a new home or have had thoughts of building your dream house. This year, the sales team at Sublime Homes has connected with many home shoppers. Our sales director, Amy, shared "COVID-19 has certainly created a strong market of urban home shoppers, looking to move from larger cities, such as Chicago, for larger homes and more outdoor green space. I have also seen an increase in families looking for better space usage in their homes. "

Have you seen this funny tee-shirt? It says, "Marty, whatever happens, don't ever go to 2020." While we could not have predicted a worldwide pandemic and how it shook our world. Our team is grateful for what has come out of it, 18 homebuyers who were welcomed into the Sublime Homes' family.

Choosing to move and making a choice on where to live is a major decision. Our families choose to move for a variety of reasons, but the top three reasons are:

  1. Upsizing: Our families are growing and growing families needed more space. Not all space is created equal, sometimes space needs to be utilized to its fullest potential .
  2. Home Upgrade/Want a New Home: Many of our families were in a financial position that they could upgrade to a better, more energy-efficient home, as the cost of renovating an older home did not make financial sense.
  3. Relocation: Whether it was a little jump across the border from Illinois or a move from one thousand miles away, we're thrilled that our buyers have decided to call Northwest Indiana home.

What's your reason for moving to another home? No matter the reason, let Sublime Homes help you design and build your dream home in Lake or Porter counties in Indiana or Berrien county in Michigan.

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