What Are the Best Smartphone Apps for Drivers?

Many-Smart-Phones-with-Apps-on-Touch-ScreensYou probably already have Google Maps on your phone, which can surely do quite a bit for you, but if you want to step up your app game, you might be asking yourself what the best smartphone apps for drivers are. And we've got a few suggestions for you.

Download These Apps
Some of these apps are just great fun, others are incredibly useful, where some happily embody both.

  • Roadside America—This app chronicles the weirdness across America, from the largest balls of twine in a given state (yes, some have multiple) to incredibly specific museums to the world's smallest courthouse. It's $2.99 on iOS, and it makes for one of the best roadtrip apps.
  • Repair Pal—This one should sound pretty self explanatory. We hope you never need it, but these days if you have car trouble, you don't just have to stop off at the first exit and pray for an honest mechanic. Repair Pal is free and helps you get a fair estimate on what you may need done to keep you from getting swindled.
  • Dynolicious Classic— At $12.99, this has to be an impressive app, and it is. Built for the most hardcore gearhead drivers, it takes advantage of the iPhone's built in accelerometer to calculate times and generate horsepower, g-force, and other stats. If you tweak your car, you can compare how the data improves with a helpful graph.
  • AAA Mobile— It's AAA. It's free. It's on iOS and Android. You should have this if you're hitting the road, simple as that.
  • Gas Buddy— Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry, this free app pulls the gas prices of nearby stations to make sure that you're getting the best bang for your buck.

You can even report gas prices so that others can save.

These are just a few; let us know if you find more!

For More App Information
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