Westchester Intermediate School Students Re-create Master Artwork with Recycled Materials, May 2014

Students-recreate-master-artwork-w-recycled-materialsDuring lunchtime Westchester Intermediate School students created Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Starry Night' from bottle caps. Plastic caps were collected for a number of weeks and sorted into colors.

Students then glued the caps to create the painting with the help of art teacher Cheryl Muller. Student participants with their artwork are front, left to right, Abby Palmer, Emily Wegner, Anna Guzek, Lauren Bromley, Frances Clancy, Ashley Carlson, Riley Hoekema, Quentin Funderburg and Haley Horton. Row 2, Mikayla Hall, Haley Fitzgerald, Peyton Martinson, Sarah Browne, Emily Klein, Alaina South, Samantha Autenrieth, Briza Villagomez and Cara Conaway. Back row, Principal Shawn Longacre, Art Teacher Cheryl Muller, Valerie McCarthy, Lauren Davis, Regionae Jackson, Olivia Renko, Kylee Gibson, Kaitlynn Corzan, Anastasia Loving, Briana Lowry, Isaac Cabo. Absent from photos is Stephanie Melendez, Harleah Hufstedler and Mack Johnston.