Westchester Intermediate School Faculty Makes Their School a Better Place

Duneland-School-CorporationWestchester Intermediate School faculty and staff work countless hours to ensure that their school is a wonderful place where children want to come to learn. When I enter the classrooms, it is sometimes difficult to find a teacher because he/she is working in amongst the students. I observe how the teacher involves students and gets them to look at issues in a variety of ways. They use facts as a starting point, not an end point; they ask "why" questions, look at all sides, and inspire the students to predict what will happen next. They ask questions frequently to make sure students are following along, and to keep students motivated with differentiated, dynamic approaches.

Westchester Intermediate teachers connect with and care for our students with warmth, respect, and trust. We understand it is important for schools to make children feel secure and valued, which can liberate them to take on intellectual and social challenges and explore new ideas. WIS also is committed to charity. These simple acts may seem minor, but the impact they will have on the students later in life is priceless. WIS has helped build wells in Africa and has donated to the American Heart Association, Christmas for Kids and the Leukemia Foundation.

Because of the huge role computers and technology play in the lives of people, WIS is dedicated to infusing computers and technology in our students’ education as we prepare them to enter the world of technology. Our students use iPads, MacBooks and laptops on a regular basis.

As parents of the year 2014, we sometimes feel that we need to impress or entertain our children to make the time we have with them seem special. But our kids don’t need, or even want special events or elaborate vacations. Children want our time. I encourage you to take the time and make undivided on-one-one time with your child.

Excellent public school corporations like Duneland, keep children engaged, challenged and inspired with teachers who allow us as parents to be just that, parents.