Welcome to Stonebridge, Porter County’s exciting new 1+ acre home development

Welcome to Stonebridge, Porter County’s exciting new 1+ acre home development
By: GreatNews.Life Last Updated: July 8, 2019

Located just east of Highway 49 between Chesterton and Valparaiso, Stonebridge is Porter County’s most exciting housing development. Partners in the development project, Mike Tezak, Jon Wolf, and Jason Utesch from Realty Executives Premier have teamed up to bring a unique opportunity to build your dream home in a premier, scenic setting.

Unique 1 to 3 acre properties with neighborhood amenities

From day one, it has been the trio's goal to take what they’ve seen through years of experience working in real estate and to create something special. The Realty Executives Premier team is acting as developer, realtor, and lender, making Stonebridge the first development of its kind in Porter County.

“We want to build a neighborhood that stands out in the Region, and one that we can take pride in,” Utesch said.

Each of Stonebridge’s lots are one to three acres in size, include sidewalks, and have plenty of space for   a secondary garage. Residents will have far more space compared to many neighborhoods. Lined with mature trees, Stonebridge offers wooded areas that combine beauty and privacy, creating a unique, peaceful atmosphere.

“This is really filling a niche in that there are not many places to go right now and build on over an acre,” said Wolf. “Most subdivisions are built on flat farmland; we’re developing Stonebridge on a beautifully rolling, wooded setting here. This parcel just has so much character.”

"What I want to leave the community is something that we can be proud of," Tezak said. "When you get to the front street, we want you to know you're home and we want to build something that welcomes you home. We want residents to be proud to bring your friends over and entertain within the subdivision."

Stonebridge is the perfect balance of city and country by being located just east of Highway 49 and north of Highway 6. There isn't the train or vehicle traffic you get living in a city, but you're also a quick, 10-minute drive from hospitals, Duneland schools, and downtown areas.

Your Stonebridge Home will be a sound investment

The team have taken into consideration what's worked in developments across the Region in order to create an amazing community. They want to make Stondebridge a place where families can build their dream home, share their community with family and friends, and also be confident in their future.

“We really want to give people security in their investment,” Tezak said.  Through the creation of a Homeowners Association, Stonebridge will be setting just the right standards in keeping the neighborhood’s level of quality and beauty high, and they'll be filling the community with attractive, custom-built homes, but not overly restrictive, which will still allow for a homeowner to put their own personal style on their property.

"Every front yard will have irrigation to enhance the neighborhood," Wolf said. "There will also be landscaping requirements; the whole idea is to create an atmosphere that people will want to live in and that will appreciate in value."

Premier homes crafted by the best builders

Tezak, Wolf, and Utesch will be working with recognized custom home builders, including Crusader Homes, Summit Homebuilders, O'Connor Builders, Bruce Built Construction, VP Homes, and Schneider Builders.

Tezak continued, "These are all custom home builders who build things from scratch, and from custom, craftsman plans. We've seen all of their products and it really fits what we're trying to do."

Combining the experience of Development, Finance, and Realtor as one team

The team reflected on building the team of professionals that helped make Stonebridge a reality, and their own journey over the years working toward building a legacy.

“I think we’ve built a really good team and I really respect Jason and John,” Tezak reflected. “Duane Hartman, our advisor and consultant, has been tremendous to work with, and Tom Lewandowski is beyond knowledgeable. Tom and Duane really are my mentors and they, along with DeMotte State Bank, who has showed faith in me for many years, have gotten me to where I am today. I met Tom in 2004, and he's really taught me how to do things the right way. You do things that right way the first time and you never have to look back. That's the key, to not look at the finish line but to look at each phase along the way."

Wolf said, "For me, it was just the natural progression. I first got into real estate sales and then when I came over here with Mike I got into more new construction. To me, getting into developments like this was the next step, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do in my career.”

“It’s a neat thing to come up with the name of a subdivision,” said Utesch, who coined the name Stonebridge. “When I tell the kids about it, they say, ‘Oh, that’s cool!’ I bring the plans home and they’re looking through them. and always asking questions. It's something you can look at and be proud of 20, 30, 40 years down the road and say, ‘Hey, there’s our subdivision!’”

All of these unique perspectives, relationships forged over time, and lessons learned have led Tezak, Wolf, and Utesch to where they are today: on the brink of building their legacy in the form of the incredible Stonebridge community.  

To learn more about building or investing in this premiere community of homes, call: 219-405-3647, go to https://www.welcometostonebridge.com/lots or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/welcometostonebridge/posts/?ref=page_internal . Inquiries can also be sent to: info@welcometostonebridge.com.