we-are-all-in-this-togetherLiving in the online and social media world via the Life sites gives one an unusual perspective about the world around you, because you view it through a very active electronic eye. Ultimately it means you see streams and streams of content - thoughts, comments, activities, events, threads, pictures, video, articles, blogs, tweets, and posts made from across the region and across the world. You see way too much of some things, and too little of others. You see trends, movements, changes in momentum or attitude, and you see patterns that repeat for better or worse.

Though I keep a glass-is-half-full bumper sticker on my brain about most everything, this week past has been one of the more pronounced in my memory of how positive people can be when they choose to be, and in the chasm between falling apart and coming together. Whether it be our community, region, or nation remembering the best of what happened once those towers got attacked and doing that it in their own special ways, or by the thousands that came out Sunday and Monday to pay their respects to a fallen officer from Merrillville.

PNC-Rememberance-Statue_1Whether you live in Merrillville, Munster, or Michigan City, we share this unique blend of steel and lakefront, industry and park land, city, country, urban, small town, and beach life. Most of the things I see in person and online demonstrate the common elements of who this region is, more so than what differs us. My optimistic side starts thinking about what it would be like if we all rose to the occasion of coming together every day versus battling each other, and how this region might change it's trajectory. Everyone believes it is honorable for someone to serve as a police officer, firefighter, or military member and for putting themselves into harm's way on our behalf. Everyone feels respect for the ones who pay that price. Let's start there and build up not tear down.

It was inspiring to see so many people come together in tons of different ways to honor a guy who was out front protecting what we all enjoy here every single day. I see that spirit hundreds of times a week in small and big ways, in person and online, though this week it shouted much louder than the norm.

Nurture that spirit, NWI. It is the best way to honor Nick. #WeAreInThisTogether

Thanks to Jerry Davich, Carolyn Saxton, Deanna Grimes and Andrean High School for the photos.