Want to Make Music and Sightsee in China?

China-4-Bridge-to-BeijingIf you ever wanted to see the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and experience China through the universal language of music, the bus leaves on December 26 from Valparaiso University's parking lot. That is just the first dot on your itinerary if you opt to perform with South Shore Orchestra throughout several cities from Shanghai to Beijing between December 26- January 6. But you must act quickly to set your plans in motion.

This fourth New Year's Celebration collaboration with the Confucius Institute of Valparaiso University will showcase Valparaisoʼs community orchestra in elaborate musical venues in several key cities with the chance to sightsee and shop in between. Musicianʼs expense is only air travel and visa--unless you plan to do a little souvenir shopping as well. While in China you are feted, toasted and treated to all expenses paid by the Confucius Institute and Chinese government.

The cities that host each concert are anxious to hear an American orchestra perform both traditional and contemporary American and Chinese music. Past participants will tell you that audiences are more than receptive and treat musicians with appreciation and celebrity status. They love to engage in conversational opportunities.

A past tour with a unique participatory community experience--300 choristers of all ages dressed in regional historic costume accompanying the orchestra in two pieces--led 17 year old Josh DeVries of Chesterton to commission composer Michael Schelle of Indianapolis to create a composition featuring cello and orchestra as a gift to the Chinese people. The piece now complete will be a key feature of the Bridge to Beijing tour.

If interested, please call Pete Brannen as soon as possible for tour details, rehearsal schedule and travel payment plan for the estimated $1800 cost. From those who have traveled this gig in the past, you will hear of the extraordinary power of the language of music to bring our cultures together. Join South Shore Orchestra in making that happen once more. Petebrannen@hotmail.com, 219-916-1013 or 219-464-7816.