Vale Park eagerly welcomes dogs and cats to boarding and daycare options at the new facility

Vale Park eagerly welcomes dogs and cats to boarding and daycare options at the new facility

Vale Park Animal Hospital’s new facility on Lake Meade Circle in Valparaiso is home to many new upgrades that are specially designed to better treat and care for animals of all types. The Lodge, a daycare and boarding area in the facility, is one of the most exciting upgrades at the clinic that is eager to welcome new furry friends.

Though many types of pets are cared for at Vale Park, dogs and cats are able to benefit from their premiere services in even more ways. Thanks to the many different options offered for boarding and daycare, pet owners are able to comfortably and confidently give their pets a home while they are away. Whether it is for one day or one month, you can feel assured that your pet is being given the attention and care they deserve. 

Dr. Brent Lakia, veterinarian and one of the two practice owners at Vale Park, shared some key information about The Lodge’s options for daycare and boarding so that interested pet owners can better understand how Vale Park is set to serve them.

How does it work?

In just a handful of simple steps, interested pet owners can complete the process of bringing in their pets to The Lodge. By logging onto Vale Park’s website here, you can fill out a new pet boarding and daycare profile for each of your pets. The purpose of the profile is to not only sign on as a new client at The Lodge, but also to give the staff at Vale Park some more information about your pet, including their vaccinations, medical information, breed and weight, and behavior. 

In regard to vaccinations, The Lodge requires your pets to be up to date on their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella shots prior to booking their stay. A negative fecal result is also needed before your pet can join the group of other animals staying at the clinic.

Once each requirement is checked off the list, all that is left to do is to call the clinic to make a reservation for your pet at The Lodge. A welcoming staff member will guide you through the scheduling process over the phone, as well as discuss important details regarding their daycare and boarding process.

What perks or amenities are available?

Focusing on a fear-free method, The Lodge is all about making dogs and cats of every kind feel welcome and comforted. The clinic has both indoor and outdoor play areas, and both of which are supervised by experienced staff during your pet’s stay.

In addition to the ability for your pet to socialize and play with other animals staying at The Lodge, pets are also housed in a mentally stimulating environment with plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained and excited. Even pets who stay overnight at The Lodge are continually given the same enrichment during their stay.

Though group play is not mandatory and pet owners are able to choose whether or not they want their pet to be involved with other animals, Vale Park assures owners that the physical and social benefits that come from group play are great for pets who stay at The Lodge, especially since the group areas are constantly monitored by staff. Whether it is playing ball, snuggling, or just enjoying the sunshine, pets at The Lodge truly are treated the way they deserve, with or without group play.

Vale Park does not stop there with the amenities and benefits, though. The Lodge offers bathing and nail trims to pets during their stay and is also working to eventually offer full grooming services. Being able to give your pet a fresh and clean upgrade while you are away is one of the many ways that Vale Park wants you to feel confident in your choice to leave your pet in their hands.

Feline pets, in particular, are able to adventure around one of The Lodge’s many large cat trees, find a warm spot in the sun, or watch the birds outside from one of their window views. Cats are given their own condo during their stay, but similar to dogs, are welcome to wander out of their area to the room shared by fellow cats.

With The Lodge located in the veterinarian clinic, pet owners are able to maintain peace of mind knowing that their pet is in a safe and enriching area while they are away. It was imperative for Vale Park to include their daycare and boarding service in the same environment as their veterinary care, effectively serving both owners and pets.

What specific options are available?

Depending on your pet's specific needs, The Lodge offers various options to keep them comfortable while simultaneously keeping your mind at ease.

The following options are available for canines:

  • A 3x6 small cozy canine cabin
  • A 3x9 large cozy canine cabin
  • A luxury, quiet canine cabin that includes a raised sleeping cot and feeders for water and food

Cats are each given their own kitty condo with plenty of space to take a nap, walk around, or stretch.

What are the prices associated with each option?

The 3x6 small cabin for dogs is $42 per night, while the large, 3x9 cabin is $45 per night. To go above and beyond for your pet, the luxury quiet canine cabin is $55 per night.

Cats are able to stay in their own condo for just $30 per night.

No matter how long you will be away, Vale Park Animal Hospital wants to offer you and your pets support in whatever way you may need it. With their ultimate goal being to keep pets safe and owners reassured, Vale Park has taken many steps to ensure their facilities are prepared to keep you and your loved animal in good hands.

To make a reservation for your pet or learn more about Vale Park Animal Hospital and its available services, visit