Vale Park Animal Hospital unveils boarding services, other plans, at new location

Vale Park Animal Hospital unveils boarding services, other plans, at new location

With the opening of Vale Park Animal Hospital’s new, state-of-the-art location in June comes another exciting announcement: a safe haven for furry friends whose humans need to board them.

“We are now adding on a new service that we haven’t really offered before,” said Amanda Kraupner of Vale Park Animal Hospital. “We have boarding and day care facilities for dogs and cats and eventually plan to have grooming services.” 

The addition came about after conversations with patients in the community looking to provide their pets with high-quality care outside of their medical care. Providing that sense of security to animals and their owners pushed Kraupner and the team to add on to the services they provide.

“It was important to provide an outlet for animals,” Kraupner said. “We are able to take care of them medically, but we also want to be able to cater to their physical and emotional needs as well. We can do that with the boarding and daycare facilities—help them live the best life that they can.”

The new building took this to heart. When it opened in June, people and their pets were excited to find separate entrances for dogs and cats, and separate waiting rooms to avoid the stress that sometimes comes with mixing animals in the same areas. The boarding and daycare facilities, which opens on August 1st, continue this focus on emotional and physical wellbeing.

For dogs, the facilities include two indoor and three outdoor play yards for play sessions throughout the day and designated play times for dogs in daycare and board to keep them active and happy. For cats, their boarding and daycare ward includes custom-made cat trees to keep them entertained, big windows with bird feeders for the cats who want to relax, and more. 

“Not a lot of people think to board their cats, but we have a small clientele who board their cats with us regularly,” Kraupner said. “I’ve always been a cat person, and I want to make sure that cats and the care they receive are held up to the same standard as dogs. So, I said, ‘Dr. Sheller, Dr. Lakia, we really need have a cat ward.’ And now when you walk into that side of the building, there is a big window where you can see the cat ward and all of the cats we are taking care of. It’s really a passion of mine.”

That same sentiment is shared by the entire team. From an expanded facility to accommodate its growing community to new and innovative methods of care, Vale Park Animal Hospital is ready to help pet and their humans from the moment they walk through the door.

"We want to do everything we can to make sure your pet is happy and healthy when they visit us," Kraupner said. "By offering this new daycare and boarding service, a fun and positive experience where they can play and exercise, we strive to help our patients feel calm when they come to the vet. Perhaps they may even look forward to it."