Vale Park Animal Hospital Offers Medical Boarding for Pets

Vale Park Animal Hospital Offers Medical Boarding for Pets

When you leave on a trip there are many things that you need to take care of: who will water the plants? Who will get your mail for you? Who will take care of your pet? That last question can be tough to answer because not everyone will know how to take care of your pet correctly. And what if your pet had medical issues? You don't want to leave them alone when they are in need of extra care.

That's why you should take your pet to Vale Park Animal Hospital. They specialize in medical boarding for cats and dogs. If your pet has special needs that require the use of medication or other medical care, Vale Park is the place for them to be while you are away. 

Just call ahead to see if there are open spaces for your pet during the time you have to be gone. Then, have medications and special instructions ready for the vets and technicians. They will administer pills/infections at proper times throughout the day, and see that all proper procedures are followed.

"We'll keep an eye out and monitor the pet's condition," Terri Sajdera, Registered Veterinary Technician at Vale Park said. "If a pet that's normally at the front of their cage wagging their tail is curled up in the back we'll do a check up to make sure things are okay and if somethings not right we'll take the necessary steps to make the pet better."

In case of emergency, be sure to leave emergency contact information so that someone on staff will be able to reach you or to make medical decisions on behalf of your pet while you are away. If you cannot be reached, treatment will still be given.

Vale Park has dealt with animals who suffered from diabetes, cancer, Cushing's disease, allergies, as well as other ailments. The whole facility is well kept, the staff and doctors are extremely well-trained, and they all adore animals. 

"We keep our facilities very clean," Sajdera said. "Kennel cough is something that can be spread among animals, not humans, and we avoid that by keeping things clean. Kennel cough is not a dangerous disease, but with animals who have medical needs, it's not something that we want to chance."

You can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands. And best of all, your pet will be treated by the doctors and staff that you trust the most. For more information on medical boarding at Vale Park Animal Hospital call 219