University of Saint Francis-Crown Point allows students to balance work, life, and academia

University of Saint Francis-Crown Point allows students to balance work, life, and academia
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: September 24, 2019

Most accredited universities will help any student successfully work toward fulfilling academic aspirations if they apply themselves. But not all students can dedicate themselves solely to college course work, full time. Faculty at University of Saint Francis-Crown Point (USF-CP) are giving students the best chance to thrive and attain their academic goals while they balance work and life.  

Whether students want to pursue a career in accounting, nursing, art, teaching, or psychology, USF-CP is a convenient, accredited school that drives students to excellence while they learn and grow in an academic environment close to home. Faculty work to develop students’ talents and abilities, and students find that the college’s Franciscan tradition fosters diversity, critical thinking, and learning a work-life balance. It’s a welcome environment for the non-traditional college student.

“What’s unique about us is that we’re very hands-on and we try to work around students’ schedules,” said Katelyn Davenport, enrollment services manager at USF-CP. She found this true in her own experience at the university. “Our typical student is not the 18-year-old, fresh out of high school. Our students typically have children, work, and take care of family members,” she said.

Marsha King, DNP, MS, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, Dean of USF-CP, has a similar welcoming message on the university’s website. “Our students are not just a number. We care about you as a student and we’ll work with you to achieve your success.”

USF’s one-on-one faculty advising program contributes to their leading-edge approach to university education in Northwest Indiana. Expert faculty teach and guide students, and focus on connecting them opportunities both during their studies and after graduation. 

“We have a very tight-knit staff and with a total enrollment of more than 200 people, we’re able to give that one-on-one time other colleges can’t,” Davenport said. “We really hold the student accountable but we also want them to come to us when something happens in their lives. We want to help them be successful in their field of study.”

USF-CP offers two associate degrees and 90 percent of their students are working toward a degree of science in nursing. With the ASN degree, students can pursue careers in the nursing field. The other degree offered is Medical Laboratory Technician, where people work to retrieve results for doctors and nurses.

“It’s a two-year degree and both fields of study are very hands-on with clinical and simulation labs,” Davenport said. “Our school and class sizes may be small, but we’re mighty.”

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