UnitedHealthcare’s All Savers program will offer select chambers discounted health insurance options

UnitedHealthcare’s All Savers program will offer select chambers discounted health insurance options

As one of the highest costs for employers, it can be challenging to find health insurance options that are affordable while still meeting the needs of employees. With UnitedHealthcare’s All Savers health plans and services, employers who are members of Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce (CRCC), the Michigan City Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), and the Greater Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce (GVCC) will soon have the opportunity for new health insurance options. 

“Employers would just work through a participating broker—any broker that’s also part of one of the three chambers—and enroll,” said UnitedHealthcare’s Vice President of Sales, Michael Telesky. “What’s important to note is the benefit of this chamber plan which is it provides a 5% advantage versus looking at these programs outside of the chamber. That is the value coming in through the chamber; the 5% off of the underwritten rates.” 

Groups from five to 100 can qualify for All Savers through one of the three chambers, which will officially begin for groups starting July 1. Once part of All Savers, small business owners pay a set monthly premium, and claims are paid by that premium. If claims are higher than expected, the insurance company pays for it, and if claims are lower than expected, those savings are shared with the group. 

All Savers offers two types of Stop Loss Insurance: Individual Stop Loss, which protects the employer if claims are larger than expected, and Aggregate Stop Loss, which entails reimbursement for a group’s total claims which exceed a predetermined level. 

If small businesses put in more money than comes out, they may get a surplus refund, which they can use for the following year’s health plan. The average surplus at the end of the year is $7,800. 

The 5% discount and potential surplus are not the only benefits of All Savers. Regardless of which creative design plan employers choose from dozens of options, each offering includes the UnitedHealthcare Motion program.  

“Our Motion program allows people to earn up to $3 a day just by walking. They have a compatible device that we will either provide or they can bring their own device. Simply by walking, they can earn credits up to $3 a day, almost $1,100 per year.” 

MCCC President Katie Eaton is grateful that the chamber's partnership with UnitedHealthcare will allow it to offer new health insurance options to its membership base.  

“I’m looking forward to having an added benefit to our members that will give them some cost savings,” Eaton said. “After this last year, everybody is looking for ways to save money to help their businesses grow and succeed and being able to save money on the healthcare side. For them to be able to offer that as a benefit to their employees is always important. To do that out of savings is very beneficial to their business plan.” 

CRCC Deann Patena echoed Eaton’s excitement for what the All Savers program will mean for chamber members. Having attempted to provide health insurance options prior to this program, she is hopeful that this program will become and remain a popular health insurance option for CRCC members. 

“It’s another opportunity for the Crossroads to have some value for our members with small businesses that can’t afford to provide insurance to their employees,” Patena said. “We haven’t been able to have a program like this that’s gained traction, so I’m hoping this one working with UnitedHealthcare will give us some traction, and we’ll be able to have this for a long time to offer to our members.” 

To learn more about UnitedHealthcare and the All Savers program, visit https://www.uhc.com/