UnitedHealthcare Offers Full Suite of Options for Companies Large and Small

UnitedHealthcare Offers Full Suite of Options for Companies Large and Small

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How do you manage costs when it comes to health care? According to Mike Telesky, Vice President of Key Account Sales and Account Management at UnitedHealthcare, you create a culture of health ownership. Health ownership not only empowers people to make better decisions about their health, but makes sure they are well-informed and present for decisions involving their health and future.

“The best way to manage costs is to get your employees and family members involved in their health care decisions,” Telesky said. “We like to talk about a culture of health ownership within an organization.”

UnitedHealthcare offers solutions for creating that culture for businesses both small and large. With creative solutions for a variety of needs, UnitedHealthcare is leading the way with innovative programs and fun incentives for employers and employees.

“The great thing at UnitedHealthcare is that we have a full spectrum of options,” Telesky said. “This is a great time to go out, get creative, and make a positive change for your employees.”

A few of the incentives that Telesky mentioned include online access, an interactive app, the Real Appeal® weight loss program, SimplyEngaged incentives, and more! Each of these programs is specifically designed to engage customers and allow them the opportunity to take charge of their health and health care decisions. These incentives use small and simple changes to further engage customers and reward them for making healthy choices.

“We’ve found that if you walk, you’re healthier,” Telesky said. “We have a motion program that rewards people for walking. There are a lot of really cool things going on on the wellness side. What we’ve seen, in groups that move along a continuum from not very engaged to very engaged, they have roughly a 24% savings.”

Another benefit of UnitedHealthcare is their excellent online access options. With the influx of digital health options and the power to access information in the palm of your hand, UnitedHealthcare understands the need to offer these options to customers. Now, customers can check out costs for a single visit, or an entire care plan, all without leaving the comfort of their home.

“We have a fantastic app where folks can access their ID cards, they can estimate care and see the actual cost of care before they even go in for service,” Telesky said. “Digital health is empowering customers like we’ve never seen before.”

UnitedHealthcare offers plenty of options for both small and large companies looking to add or expand their health offerings for employees. With unique incentives and a variety of solutions available, they're aiming to help people live healthier lives and help make the health system work better for everyone. 

To learn more, visit their website: https://www.uhc.com/