United Way of Porter County Kinder Camp Prepares Students for Kindergarten Success

United-Way-PC-LogoFor more than three years, United Way of Porter County Kinder Camp has been filling the kindergarten readiness gap for Portage and Valparaiso children who have not had the opportunity to learn in a school-like setting.

Held during the July summer school session, the program provides a 15 half day academic and social development learning environment. During this time, students learn basic reading skills, social skills and school routines. This year’s enrollment was 94 students. Program assessments show an average pre-literacy and reading proficiency improvement of nineteen percent.

“As we saw the learning gap widen in the classroom, we knew we needed to step up to help these children make a better start of their school career,” Kim Olesker, president & CEO of United Way of Porter County. “We are working to meet the growing demand for this service. Next year, we plan to expand the program into the Chesterton area.”

This year’s program was made possible by United Way community partners such as: Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, Dr. Jerry and Linda Rodenbarger, Porter County Community Foundation, Rotary of Valparaiso and Vale Park Animal Hospital. Thanks to their support, needed books, backpacks and school supplies were provided to campers for the upcoming school year.

For more information about this program and how United Way is supporting Porter County, visit UnitedWayPC.org.