Town of Griffith Information – Central Market and Imagine Griffith Bicycle Art Info

griffith-central-marketWhat started as a simple idea eventually morphed into a reality. Griffith Central Market is a fusion of great entertainment and well prepared, delicious foods; a collection of artisan beers and hand crafted wares. Its about taking the ubiquitous and making it extraordinary. The region is rife with gifted musicians ribboning through an equally impressive community of artists. It is our mission to bring these talented individuals into the market throughout the season. We are dedicated to showcasing this vast array of artisanship for our entire guests that find their way into this fabulous experience.

Griffith Central Market is located in the tree lined beauty of Griffiths Central Park and is open most Fridays May 2nd through October 10th from 3PM to 8PM. Music begins at 6PM and can be enjoyed until 9, when we tear it down and pack it up until the following Friday. The music is free, the atmosphere is electric and the offerings are wonderful. Its Griffith Central Market. You dont want to miss it!

GRIFFITH RESIDENTS - Want to show your creativeness by submitting a bicycle art piece? Check out the details below. Forms can also be obtained at Griffith Town Hall - 111 N. Broad St. To get a copy of the details anf the form, please click here.

bicycle artSubmission Deadline: May 23rd
Drop-off Location: Garage on Columbia & Woodlawn (Next to Bike Trail)
Contact Valerie Wotkun 922-8060 if you have any questions.

Acceptable Submissions

Real Bicycle
Artistically Painted or Decorated
Rubber Tires and Tubes Removed
Chain Removed
Durable for Outdoor Display
Appropriate for Public Display (Non-Offensive)