Top 10 Videos on NWIndianaLife in 2018

Top 10 Videos on NWIndianaLife in 2018
By: Last Updated: December 30, 2018

Women's Conference 2018 by Purdue Alumni Association's International Council of Purdue Women

Network with like-minded women. Foster your personal, professional, and intellectual well-being. Participate in focused learning and growth opportunities. Engage with key influencers, industry leaders, and fellow Purdue alumnae. The International Council of Purdue Women creates an alumnae sisterhood that motivates, inspires, uplifts, and connects Purdue alumnae now and for life. For good.

Ideas In Motion Media: Sharing Good

We take a new, positive approach to online publishing that creates new opportunities to spread good news about communities. We don't create websites. We create online communities large enough to support major advertising, but small enough to remain hyper-local.

2018 Graduation Montage Video - Ideas in Motion Media

Check out highlights from over 45 high school and college graduations from across Northwest Indiana. To find more photos go to our 2018 Northwest Indiana Graduation Station.

AATG Part 4 2018

In preparations for the 4th annual All About The Girls, our Lady Lifers discussed what it means to be strong women!

Lifer Ladies Blue Chip Casino Weekend Getaway

With it's cold temperatures and threats of snow, winter can put a damper on any group trying to have fun. Slick roads, cold cars, and biting winds, can make Northwest Indiana a less than glamorous place in the dead of winter. Luckily, places like Blue Chip Casino exist, making a ton of fun available under one roof!

Why Should You Go to Albert's Diamond Jewelers When You Can Shop Online? A Guarantee of Quality

We were pleased to welcome in Albert's Diamond Jewelers Fred and Josh Halpern for a fun conversation about a wide range of topics, including online shopping, the work they do for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and why customers should choose Albert's.

NWI Mayoral Summit 2018: Mayors & Camaraderie

GOOD NEWS ALERT: Northwest Indiana's Mayoral Summit 2018 has commenced! Five mayors from around the region sat down with Chris Malhmann to talk about what it's like to be mayor and camaraderie.

Governor Holcomb Jacked About Good News and Good People

Indiana State Governor Holcomb speaks on being jacked about good news and good people with Chris Mahlmann, founder and owner of Ideas in Motion Media.

Being a Boilermaker in a Hoosier State: Secretary of Connections & Talent Blair Milo

Join us in the Great News Studio with Secretary of Connections & Talent, Blair Milo.

Inside the Great News Studio - Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. - Communication & Media Engagement

Join Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. in the Great News Studio where we discuss communication, social media, reading, Mayor's Night Out, and more.