Top 10 Videos on NWIndianaLife in 2017

Top 10 Videos on NWIndianaLife in 2017
By: Jonathan Eddy Last Updated: December 29, 2017

We published hundreds of articles on the NWIndianaLife Community Section this past year. Anniversary events, proposals, and graduations were all fair game for videos. With so many notable events in Northwest Indiana, it’s no wonder we had so many stories to choose from!

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Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are the Top 10 Videos from NWIndianaCountyLife in 2017!

All About The Girls Part 3: "Changing The World By Being Yourself'
What an awesome night last night was at Sand Creek Country Club! All About The Girls Part 3 featured some great, inspirational, motivational, and heartwarming speeches from Jacob's Ladder Pediatric Rehab​'s Candace Arvin​, Flanagin's Bulk Mail Service​'s Donna Schmidt Flanagin​, Residences at Deer Creek​'s Melissa S. Topor Huffman​, Lake County Circuit Court​'s Marissa McDermott​, Porter Regional Hospital​'s Stacey Manner Kellogg​, Methodist Hospitals​' Jennifer Hough Sanders​, Valpo Velvet Ice Cream​'s Cathy Brown Brown and our own Jenny Craig-Brown​!

Life on the Streets of Hammond Featuring Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.
“It’s friggin’ hot in here,” Mayor McDermott says while leaning over Ideas in Motion Founder, Chris Mahlmann, to flip on the car air conditioning. He pauses and looks to Mahlmann concerned, “I can say friggin’ right?”

Life on the Streets: Crown Point Mayor David Uran
Crown Point is known as the “Hub of Lake County” and that certainly showed as our latest “Life in the Streets” video featuring Crown Point was so packed, it needed two parts! Mayor David Uran hosted Ideas in Motion Media Founder Chris Mahlmann for a tour of all the things happening throughout his city, including the famous Downtown Square, the future of the Southlake YMCA, the SpartaDome and athletic fields and road improvements. It really showcases who Mayor Uran is and how he runs his city.

Life on the Streets of Hobart Featuring Mayor Brian Snedecor
“Now, is it pronounced Ho-Bart or Ho-Bert?” asks Ideas in Motion Media founder, Chris Mahlmann to Hobart Mayor Brian Snedecor. The Mayor glares at Mahlmann through his tinted shades. “Its Ho-Bert. Normally when someone says Ho-Bart, we know they’re not from The Region,” Mayor Snedecor smiles.

Life on the Streets of Whiting Featuring Mayor Joe
Ever wonder what makes Whiting successful? Mayor Joe Stahura lays out what makes Whiting wacky, whimsical, and a growing success in this episode of Life on the Streets of Northwest Indiana. “The idea is to go against the norm,” Mayor Stahura began, “We like to poke fun at our heritage. We have a lot of Polish and Slovakian heritage in Whiting. From there we add things like the mascot museum, which is a great fit for the Pierogi Fest characters. We have a lot of fun with it.”

PNW Westville Fall Graduation 2017
Congratulations to the 2017 graduating class of the PNW Westville campus!

Porter Health Care System Helps Fight Heart Disease at the 2016 Porter County Heart Walk
Porter Health Care System cares for the community they serve, and their fundraising for the American Heart Association is a prime example. We caught up with the Porter team during the 2016 Heart Walk to go over why they love the event, and why they came together as one huge group to raise money for the health of others.

Albert's Diamond Jewelers Roundtable: The Importance of Charity and the 13th Annual MS Auction
Albert's Diamond Jewelers is more than a place to get gorgeous jewelery, it's also a business that puts a lot into giving back to their community. We recently sat down with Albert's President Joshua Halpern to go over why they give back, and their biggest event of the year - their 13th Annual MS Charity Auction.

NWI Great News Show Bishop Donald J Hying
Bishop Donald J. Hying of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary recently met with Ideas in Motion Media (IIMM) Founder Chris Mahlmann, in the Great News Studio for an NWI Great News Show interview. Topics and questions included working with the public to spread the faith and the state of a very changing church.

Good Life Awards - Past Honorees
Ideas in Motion Media and our positive news websites and social media networks,, and are throwing our 6th Annual GOOD LIFE AWARDS Party!