Top 10 Stories of the Week

Top 10 Stories of the Week
By: GreatNews.Life Last Updated: June 16, 2020

Stories come in many forms: written, spoken, and through compelling photos at GreatNews.Life. Join us this summer for a weekly roundup of the top stories, photo galleries and videos, chosen by a team of GreatNews.Life staff members.

June 28 - July 4, 2020

CompressAir company values are the cornerstone of excellent service

Companies who use compressed air systems have a lot riding on making sure those systems work, all the time, and efficiently. CompressAir is on standby, ready to serve compressed air needs large and small in the Region and backed by a set of values that serve as the cornerstone of their relationships with customers and employees.

Porter-Starke Services provides accessible care with on-site pharmacy

With health care locations across Northwest Indiana, Porter-Starke Services is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in communities through prevention, treatment, education, and research. Their full continuum of care serves adults, families, adolescents, and children with mental health or substance abuse issues. All clients are placed on individual plans of care tailored to specific needs, but Porter-Stark takes care a step further by having a full pharmacy on-site.

Survivor Series: Nicholas Petralia

At 30 years old, one of the last things Nicholas Petralia expected to encounter was a bout with cancer, but when he was diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer back in 2010, that very battle became his reality.

NITCO supports local schools with reliable service

Eighty years ago, the Northeastern Indiana Telephone Company began to specialize in voice systems. As decades passed and technology advanced, what began with telephone lines developed into digital voice lines, and within the last few years expanded into high speed broadband networks that connect many buildings. This is especially useful for school corporations where Wi-Fi and connectivity are crucial to success, and where NITCO has provided service for over 25 years.

CCSJ hosts food distribution with Food Bank of Northwest Indiana

For nearly 40 years, the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana has provided critical food assistance to those in need. As the only food bank serving Lake and Porter Counties, the nonprofit has impacted countless individuals and families throughout the Region in meaningful and sustainable ways. The organization frequently hosts food drives and distributions to get community members the resources they need, the most recent of which took place Thursday afternoon at Calumet College of St. Joseph (CCSJ).

Dream Chasers continues to inspire children in new ways despite challenges

Dream Chasers of Northwest Indiana, like millions of other organizations, had to quickly adjust how they work during the recent pandemic so they could continue to meet their mission. What they found was a brand new way of inspiring children to go after and deliver on their dreams.

Thomas Kia of Highland - great career place

With many people currently looking for work, we thought we would help by showcasing one great NWI business to start your career with – Thomas KIA of Highland.

Pete Korellis and Jeff Tharp of Korellis Roofing celebrate 60 years of partnership

When George and Harriet Korellis founded Korellis Roofing out of their garage back in 1960, they never could have imagined their small family business would grow to be one of the largest roofing companies in Indiana. This year, Korellis Roofing, Inc. celebrates 60 years in business, as their son Pete Korellis continues to run the company he’s worked for all his life.

Chicago Street Theatre adjusts, excels with online classes

An adjustment in educational opportunities at Chicago Street has made it easier for theatre students, participants across the U.S., and even a hamster, to benefit from the online classes. Chicago Street Theatre (CST), a popular performing arts theater in Valparaiso, had to adjust their 2020 summer classes because of the timing of COVID-19, transitioning their spring and summer semester classes to online.

A LEAP Member Spotlight: Larson-Danielson Construction

As our world evolves, it is vital for companies in any industry to evolve with it. The ability to adapt with the times and the introduction of new technology is essential to the success of a company. Innovation has been written into Larson-Danielson Construction’s working philosophy since the start. What makes the La Porte-based company stand out, however, is that they pioneered some of the industry-standard processes in use today.