Top 10 Photo Galleries on NWIndianaLife in 2017

Top 10 Photo Galleries on NWIndianaLife in 2017
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: December 22, 2017

Capturing the moment can be a make or break instant in time that can determine how we remember an event. In 2017, we captured a lot of amazing and intense moments like holiday parades, sporting events, and graduations that summed up a year full of excitement and life-changing events. We are proud to be there to capture these moments and share the top ten most memorable photo galleries from this year!

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_02Festival of Lakes Concert
Flo Rida, the Crawpuppies, and Bush lit up the stage at Festival of the Lakes in Hammond for a night to remember.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_03Whiting Illuminated Christmas Parade
Whiting kicked off the Christmas season this year, in typical Whiting style, with some quirky and beautiful lights, reindeer, and a parade of wonders.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_04Whiting Pierogi Fest
“Keep Whiting Weird,” is an unofficial slogan of the city, and Pierogi Fest is a testament to the unique and exuberant spirit of Whiting.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_05Andrean High School Graduation
The Andrean High School graduation was an amazing day for these Class of 2017 Merrillville students.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_06Munster High School Graduation
The Class of 2017 at Munster High School felt the gravity of this momentous day as they ascended the stage to get the diplomas they had worked towards.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_07City of Hammond Annual Holiday Parade
The City of Hammond always puts on a Holiday Parade to impress and 2017 was no exception! With bands, Santa, Ghostbusters, and mascots!

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_08Crown Point High School Theatre Production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”
Crown Point High School is known for putting on some fantastic theatre productions, and their performance of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” was a standout show.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_09Crown Point vs Lake Central Football
This year saw some intense football games, and this game between Crown Point and Lake Central saw a triumphant victory for Crown Point.

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_10City of Hobart 4th of July Parade
Back when the summer heat was warming us, Hobart through their annual 4th of July Parade to celebrate the birth of our country!

Top-10-NWI-Galleries-2017_11Crown Point vs Merrillville Softball
The girls softball teams of Crown Point and Merrillville faced off for an epic game!