Tim Rice of Lakeside Wealth Management Receives Recognition for Community Service

Tim Rice of Lakeside Wealth Management Receives Recognition for Community Service

Tim Rice noted that when the Executive Director of Invest in Others called to let him know he was a finalist for their Community Service Award, she probably wondered if he was still on the phone. He was speechless that his work, much of which lies with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, could be considered the same caliber as others nominated by this amazing organization.

To those who know Rice, it was obvious he deserved acknowledgement for the work he’s done. He currently serves as treasurer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, formerly co-chaired a $4.5 million capital campaign for the same organization, and has played a role on the Due Diligence Committee when evaluating a potential merger between the Boys & Girls Clubs of Porter County and the Boys & Girls Clubs of NWI. For Rice, his work was never motivated by recognition.

“It was incredibly humbling to be nominated, let alone be one of the finalists,” Rice said. “I was really overcome with joy. I remember seeing this in a trade publication 10 years ago and being so inspired by the work that these people were doing. But the fact that the work I do is anywhere close to that caliber is just humbling.”

Rice was lucky enough to grow up with community-minded parents and often participated in their endeavors. As an adult, he sees the value in people giving back to their community, whether that's a lot or a little, giving of your time, talent or treasure can make a big difference.

“We don’t have to do a lot, but if everybody does something, that’s how we’re going to make our communities better,” Rice said. “Just more people giving a little of their time or money.”

Now, as President of Lakeside Wealth Management, Rice is sure to help his team find their passion and aid local organizations. The organization offers each team member a paid day to volunteer at the nonprofit of their choice, takes part in two team work days each year, and has a $250 match for nonprofit donations. Additionally, Lakeside manages foundation assets for several area non-profits at a very cost-effective rate.

“Lakeside's giving philosophy is to give our time, talents and treasures. We give our time, which averages about 3,000 hours a year. We give our talents by offering our services to these organizations that need our expertise at a fraction of the price, and we have given our treasures by donating a little over a million dollars to our non-profit partners over the last 12 years," Rice said. 

Rice’s message is to find what you’re passionate about because once you do, you’ll find the time and energy to dedicate to the cause. This, he believes, will lead to bettering our communities little by little.

“I think the message I’d like to give is to get involved and to get behind something,” Rice said. “When you find something you’re passionate about and you see the impact your time and efforts can make in someone's life, it will make you happier as a person and more productive.”

While Rice remained a finalist and didn’t take home the prize from Invest in Others’ ceremony, he still found himself among many inspiring people. His nomination automatically ensured that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana received $10,000 by the Invest in Others foundation. In the future he’ll continue doing his work, advocating for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Northwest Indiana, and instilling a love of community service in his team.

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