The women of Oak Partners look forward to going to work because of passionate and collaborative environment

The women of Oak Partners look forward to going to work because of passionate and collaborative environment

While the finance industry has long been male-dominated, more and more women are pursuing the field than in years past. Women have increased their pursuits of this field for a variety of reasons. Some, like Wealth Advisor, Bridget Shoemaker, find fulfillment out of having a direct impact on the lives of others.  Others, like Advisor Stacey Fargo from Oak Partners, want to teach without being a teacher through educating people on ways to retire and use money.

Regardless of the reason, the trend of women working in the financial field continues to grow, and businesses like Oak Partners are excited to welcome women to their workforces. The women of Oak Partners continue to grow in number and move up within the company. 

Women like Client Relationship Manager Cindy Stewart have been inventing new paths toward success since day one at Oak Partners. She was hired by the founder of Oak Partners in 2012 with a general job description and vision, and he entrusted her with making his vision a reality, leading to the implementation of a similar position for each team. 

“The other teams realized the value of such a role. Once each team created their own version or vision of the role, then the promoting from within started,” Stewart said. 

Shoemaker, who began as an intern 20 years ago before becoming an advisor and partner of the firm, said that “At Oak, if you show up and work hard, you will be rewarded.  There is no ceiling.” She noted that many women start off at Oak Partners with little knowledge of finance and are able to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the company.

Client Support Specialist Aimee Cooper began her career at Oak Partners with little knowledge but has now managed the administrative side and acted as the point person for clients in her 11 years with the company. Jessica Wotherspoon has also worked hard to develop relationships with clients, resulting in her promotion from communications coordinator to executive assistant for her team. 

After beginning as an admin assistant, Lisa Batchelder became a business support specialist with an assistant of her own. Stephanie Hescher joined the trend of advancement, undergoing a rigorous studying process to become a licensed assistant. 

Similar to Hescher, Hayley Valestin started as a communications coordinator and is studying to become an advisor. She feels the women of Oak Partners continue to grow because each woman offers a new, intelligent perspective and collaborates well with others.

“The women here, we uplift and support each other, we learn from one another,” said Client Support Specialist Jessica Dowell. “We’re divided among different teams, but together, we’re all one big team and one big family.” 

Director of Client Experience Crystal DeHaven claims Oak Partner’s success is heavily related to women’s influences within the company. Oak Partners believes in a team approach, which gives the team more opportunities for success while delivering an exceptional level of client experience.

“Our comradery is special; we are one big family,” DeHaven said. “We hold one another accountable and honestly every one of these ladies is an integral part of Oak Partners success” Oak currently provides guidance on 1.2 billion dollars in clients assets.  The combined tenure of these ladies is well over 100 years, they have been along for ride, they are a huge part of the growth.   The service we provide is hands down what makes us different.  I couldn’t be prouder to be supported by this group of women.” 

The women of Oak Partners inexhaustibly listed their appreciation for working at Oak Partners and what the company offers to its staff. Executive Assistant Morgan Ericksen revealed that unlike other jobs where individuals may feel like they are just filling a slot, Oak Partners has been extremely inclusive and welcoming in the couple months that she has been there.  

Executive Assistant Lacie Le May, who also just recently took up her position at Oak Partners, praised the company for its passion and commitment to clients. 

“If you don’t have that client relationship, it’s just another job, it’s just another mundane thing, but Oak Partners really cares,” Le May said. “That means a lot to me, and I actually look forward to coming to work. Not a lot of people can say that, and this is the first time I’ve ever felt that.” 

Communications Coordinator Katrina Rinker and Assistant Communications Coordinator Brianna Boillot similarly noted that they had never been excited about coming to work until they started at Oak Partners. They attribute their enjoyment of the job to the tight-knit community. 

Having been at Oak Partners for three years, Executive Assistant Braelyn Ensign knows that she can truly count on her team whether for work or nonwork-related things.  

“I love the fact that I always feel like I’m walking to a building full of family,” Ensign said. “I know that I can ask every single person in this office a question if I need to. I can step up and help them if their team is not available. They do the same for me when I need assistance. It’s really nice to walk into a building and feel accepted and comfortable with the people I work with.” 

The women of Oak Partners also shared that the company is accommodating and supportive of mothers and allows its staff members the flexibility needed to work full-time and still be involved in their children’s lives and activities. 

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