The Sportsbook at Four Winds New Buffalo brings a new dimension to American pastimes

The Sportsbook at Four Winds New Buffalo brings a new dimension to American pastimes

Sports betting is rapidly growing in popularity as fans look for new ways to engage with their favorite teams. For beginners interested in dipping their feet into the action, the Sportsbook at Four Winds New Buffalo is the perfect place to get started.

“The Sportsbook is a place where sports fans, or even just action seekers in general, can come in and be a part of some of our most beloved pastimes,” said Michael Bickel, Director of Sportsbook and Internet Gaming at Four Winds Casinos. “It’s a way to be a part of your team’s success while enjoying the thrill that accompanies a trip to the casino. At the Sportsbook, you can place wagers on your favorite team, against your least favorites, or just bet on whoever you’re feeling confident about on any given day.”

Four Winds New Buffalo is well equipped to help new bettors learn the basics, with a team of knowledgeable staff on hand to help guide them through the process and pick up the essentials to getting in on the action.

“Our staff is very knowledgeable and ready to help explain how bets are structured,” Bickel said. “We also have a betting guide that can walk you through each kind of bet and demonstrate how they would look in your favorite sport.”

The three most common forms of betting are spread, moneyline, and over/under. Spread betting and the over/under are wagers on the point totals in a game rather than a specific winner. For beginners, Bickel recommends betting on the moneyline.

“The moneyline is the easiest to understand, you simply bet on who is going to win the game,” Bickel said. “The odds will adjust based on the rivalry. If you look at football, for example, the odds of a Super Bowl winner beating the last place team in the league are going to favor the championship team.”

You can also bet on the outcomes of future championships, awards, or even which team will win individual quarters. Bettors can even bet on the outcomes of individual plays, like if the next field goal will be a make or miss. All of these bets offer a new dimension to sports fandom.

“We all know how invested fans are in their sports,” Bickel said. “When your team wins, it’s pretty fun. But, when your team wins and earns you a little money because of it, it’s even better.”

Four Winds New Buffalo makes getting into the action as simple as possible, offering bettors several ways to place their wagers. It can be as quick as stopping at a kiosk and heading on your way, to spending an evening with friends at the in-house bar or variety of restaurants inside the casino – including the new Kankakee Grille.

“It’s a beautiful restaurant with great food and plenty of TVs to watch the game on,” Bickel said. “You can place your bet, then head into the restaurant to enjoy the game and your meal. We’re also working on developing a lounge area to accompany the Sportsbook, which will add another fun way for our guests to spend time here.”

Sports betting is also available at Four Winds Hartford and Four Winds Dowagiac.  To learn more about Four Winds Casinos, visit