The Spoon Man delights residents at StoryPoint Chesterton

The Spoon Man delights residents at StoryPoint Chesterton

We all know that the dish ran away with the spoon. But Friday night, the Spoon Man ran away with StoryPoint Chesterton resident’s hearts. 

Just who is this Spoon Man? He is an interactive comedian of America’s Got Talent fame. Jim Cruise is his name and cracking jokes and playing the spoons is his game.

Bringing in a unique talent like the Spoon Man was something StoryPoint knew their residents and the surrounding community would especially enjoy.

“This event, mixing comedy and music, is a little different from what we’ve done in the past. We’re always looking to elevate things and do something different,” said Courtney Fokianos, Executive Director at StoryPoint Chesterton. "We have a lot of America’s Got Talent fans, staff and residents both, and they’re super excited.”

While guests dined and mingled over tasty appetizers, provided by the gourmet chefs at StoryPoint, the excitement for tonight’s event built to a fervor.

“I’m looking forward to the entertainment. They have nice entertainment here. It’s fun and you don’t have to get in your car and travel anywhere. It’s great!” said resident Linda Lytle

The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019

The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019 48 Photos
The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019The Spoon Man at StoryPoint 2019

The Spoon Man delighted the audience, playing the spoons, and at one point pie servers! Throughout the show, he kept the audience in stitches, even bringing up members of the audience to “assist” with his act.

Events like tonight’s are important for the morale of the residents and provide them with an opportunity to socialize.

“I’m excited to see the residents laugh and smile. I love it,” said Fokianos. “Every day when I walk into the bistro or the dining room and they’re engaging with each other and laughing, it’s amazing. It’s why we do what we do.”  

The events are also a great way to bring in family and friends, and the community, to visit with residents.

“We pride ourselves on being a senior connection community. These events allow us to bring the residents together with their friends, family, and people of all ages from the community,” said Fokianos. “The energy of having something fun and lighthearted is something we want to bring to the Chesterton community.”

StoryPoint encourages the local community to come and take part in all of their special events. It’s a great way for the residents to connect, and also for community members to get out and have some fun.

There is usually one to two events each month at StoryPoint Chesterton, so there is always something fun to do! You can find your next opportunity to attend an upcoming event through their website.