The Residences at Deer Creek Host a Ladies Positivi-TEA Party

The Residences at Deer Creek Host a Ladies Positivi-TEA Party

The Residences at Deer Creek consistently put together some great events for their residents. Most recently they hosted a ladies only Positivi-TEA time, which encouraged attendees to engage in positive conversation with their fellow residents.

The event began as a positive and heartfelt idea, as Karen Redar, the employee who planned and put together the event, took inspiration from her mother.

“The idea for our Positivi-Tea came from my mom, Kathy Young, who loves seniors and tea parties. She provided all the antique tea cups and accessories for the day,” said Redar.

The tea time brought ladies together to enjoy pastries and flavored teas, all served on china. Tables were set beautifully, featuring a plate of small pastries and fruit, flowers, and doilies to help create a sophisticated atmosphere.

“We sampled flavored herbal teas and good old Lipton regular tea. During the afternoon, we highlighted positive stories and great conversation. New friendships were built over tiny muffins and lemon cookies,” said Redar. “What is more relaxing and positive than an afternoon spent sipping tea with great friends?”

As the ladies delighted in their conversations, it allowed them to reminisce on their lives and the wonderful memories they had made with family. The group couldn’t help but smile as they remembered the fine collections of china they once had.

“The ladies delighted in seeing where their tea cups were made. Much of the table decor brought back memories of china they or their mothers owned. The ladies shared stories of special China collections and how formal teas were held. One of my favorite comments was from Olga who said, ’It is so nice to just slow down and appreciate a cup of tea!’” said Redar.

Calming music played in the background as the group of ladies held positive, lighthearted conversation. The goal of programs such as these is to add engaging and meaningful activities into the lives of residents. Building relationships and maintaining emotional health are incredibly important and only possible through interesting activities that residents enjoy being a part of.

“Offering fun, positive ways for our seniors to interact is vital to the quality of life at Residences at Deer Creek. Living here means being part of a small, tight knit community. The Positivi-Tea grew friendships and helped positivity flourish for our residents. It is an honor to be part of helping create those memories,” said Redar.

The Residences at Deer Creek put together many activities each day to promote the health and well-being of residents. The Ladies Positivi-TEA time was just one of the many wonderful events planned for residents, and just one of many that will be available to them going forward.