THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE Will Motivate You to a New and Healthier You

THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE Will Motivate You to a New and Healthier You

Freshman year of high school, Justin Savich walked into gym class. He was smaller than the smallest girl in the whole school (2,000 kids), he was 5-foot-tall, and 89 pounds. He knew immediately that he wanted to build up. Though he never played any sports in high school, he discovered his true passion was working out.  

“I was extremely dedicated to working out. If weight-lifting could have been a sport, I would have been the captain of that team,” Savich said. “I walked in 89 pounds, and walked out as the fourth strongest kid, and pound for pound the strongest kid ever in the history of Merrillville High School.”

Justin continued on to compete in powerlifting competitions and placed first overall as the strongest kid in the state of Indiana for pound for pound strength. He continued to nationals where he achieved third place, only two places from being the guy to represent the United States in the world competition.

“As a senior, I was wondering what I was going to do, as my friends were going off to college. I thought, I love helping people and I love to work out,” Savich said. “Then it clicked one day—I can help people work out!”

After this realization, Justin immediately got certified as a personal trainer. He worked at a local health club and over time became the top trainer, with the highest number of clients and revenue throughout.

“I always had people coming up to me, asking me to help them with their motivation, meal and workout plan. So many people asked me. I want to do this and give them an opportunity,” Savich said.

While most body builders only do one competition a year, many years ago Justin competed in six competitions within a year and a half. After a 14-year break, Justin committed to getting back in shape. In 2014, he competed in his seventh bodybuilding competition and took first place in his division.

“When I was [working out] at 22 years old, it was about how buff I could get. Fourteen years later, it wasn’t anything at all about that,” Savich said. “I felt it was important that, if I was going to lead other people, I needed to lead by example.”

Justin always knew that he was destined to help people discover their path to health. His first mission was helping a buisiness mentor friend. After creating a plan for him, he lost a total of 40 pounds in 60 days.

Once his friend lost the weight, people were interested in how he did it. So many, in fact, that over time, Justin became famous to those who noticed the impact it had on his friend.

“It was so amazing,” Savich said. “People from across the country were discovering and doing a version the program. I knew that I had something of tremendous value, and so many people were interested in it and wanted it because it worked!”

Justin thought, what if I packaged this up and built it into something professional? He tested his program out on a small group of people, and the results were clear: Justin’s program worked and was dramatically impactful. One of those people lost 50 pounds over a 12-week period and found the results life changing.

This is where the THE PURE FAT LOSS CHALLENGE (PFLC) transformed into a reality. But, how did it work and why did it stand out from the others?

“Most weight loss programs don’t talk about the type of weight that is being lost. Maintaining muscle and losing pure fat is the true challenge.” Savich said.

According to statistics, most effective weight loss is found through 80% nutrition, 15% exercise, and 5% percent genetics. Justin constructed PFLC to specifically target meal plans as first priority.

“I structured the PFLC through those proportions, focusing mostly on the nutrition part of it. I knew that would get to the results,” Savich said.

Though the PFLC is nutrition focused, it also includes a weekly suggested workout program that includes DVD’s to follow. Justin personally customizes each participant’s meal plan according to their body. During the course of the program, he stays connected through face-to-face visits, personal messages, conference calls, and program events.

It’s clear that Justin was destined to help people with their health and discover how to truly lose fat and maintain muscle. Part of what has influence Justin, is his past experience helping to run seminars with the Chicago land Tony Robbins organization.

If you are interested in changing your life, experiencing pure fat loss, and a lifetime of motivation, the Pure Fat Loss Challenge is for you. And now, you can join Justin and so many others at the upcoming kick-off event at the Avalon Manor on December 27th at 5:30PM! If you are unable to make it to the kick-off event, please email Justin at as soon as possible.

If you want to make a change, then take a chance and be a part of the fat loss journey. There is no better time than now, especially since the beginning of a new year is approaching. For any more information about the program, visit See you on December 27th!