The Monterey Days Festival Brings a Unique Twist to the Typical Indiana Festival Experience

The Monterey Days Festival Brings a Unique Twist to the Typical Indiana Festival Experience

The summer and fall seasons in Northwest Indiana are known to be filled with festivals that range from hundreds to thousands in attendance with an assortment of activities and entertainment. The Monterey Days Festival in Pulaski County is one that stands out from the crowd, as they provide their unique, small-town touch. This year marks its 21st year of festivities and continues to bring an eclectic twist to the Indiana festival scene we know and love.

The Monterey Days Festival brings traditional and rare activities to the table, such as an old-fashioned cake walk, egg toss, lawn mower racing, live pro-wrestling, and a magic show. The festival also includes a hula hoop contest, free bouncy houses, a car show, and the Ms. Tippy Teen Pageant.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the Knights of Columbus sponsor a Pancake and Sausage breakfast starting at 8am.

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Doug Denton serves as the Monterey Town Council President. He spoke about the history and details of the event.

“At first, it started as a one time thing in 1997, but it somehow bloomed into what it is now. It’s grown quite a little bit. We try to keep it very hometown and home spun. Most of the things we do here don’t cost anything. All the rides are free tomorrow for the kids, as well as a free movie with popcorn,” Doug said.

The festival blocks off a portion of the town, but quite literally stretches from one house to another as the town’s yard sale is on the same day. Monterey is a small town that is known for its relaxed people and farm town lifestyle.

Yvonne Daley and her husband were in their golf cart meandering throughout the town looking for good deals. They have been a part of the Monterey Days Festival since the beginning.

“The people in Monterey are nice and just good people,” Daley said. “It’s a small festival, and if you don’t like the big crowd scene this is the place to come. There are yard sales, with great deals, good food, great music, and a car show. Everything a big festival has but with a small-town vibe,” Daley continued.

Kelly Denton, Festival Committee Secretary, and Doug’s wife, also spoke about the event.

“We are so close to the Blueberry Festival, and sometimes it’s too big of a crowd for them. Some of the local areas around us just want a small little quaint festival. It doesn’t cost a fortune for people to bring their families,” Kelly said.

The Monterey Days Festival continues to provide the home-styled festival to its region. The festival parade starts today at 5pm, and features the Night Shift Band tonight at 7pm. If you are interested in any of the festivities that are happening tonight or tomorrow visit their festival schedule page! Now it’s time to gather some friends and family to enjoy the Monterey Days Festival for a wholesome, small-town festival experience!