The Lubeznik Center for the Arts showcases new art forms with performance by Michigan City Moves

The Lubeznik Center for the Arts showcases new art forms with performance by Michigan City Moves

Friday evening, art was brought to life at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, where guests were moved by the newly formed Michigan City Moves’ performance entitled “Disruption.” The Lubeznik Center for the Arts (LCA) featured these talented performers as an extension of their “Nature vs. Everything” exhibit. Michigan City Moves activated the exhibition while inspiring their audience to think outside of the box.

The performance incorporated lights, costume changes, music, sound, dance, props, and acting. The backdrop of the live performance was large pieces of artwork, showing picturesque nature scenes and harmonious society. On the other side were industrialized scenes filled with discord and human progress. The dancers flipped the scenes as they performed.

Michigan City Moves, consisting of three artists and a small ensemble of dancers, used structured improvisation to tell their story. Their performance “Disruption” was part 2 of their 4 part series across the Region. Elise Kermani, the Sound Composer and Filmmaker, of the group, has lived in New York and Las Angeles but has recently returned to her roots in Northwest Indiana. Kermani, having been influenced by the posh art culture of both coasts, brings an important art form to the Region: experimental dance and film, forms she says are missing in Northwest Indiana’s in rich visual arts, theatre, and music culture.

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Janet Bloch, Director of the LCA, said that she enjoyed having Michigan City Moves as a part of their Nature Vs. Everything exhibit. Bloch noted that every first Friday of the month, events are hosted for the community to experience art in a meaningful way, free of charge.

“We are the free community hub, so you can enjoy a cultural experience,” Bloch said. “We like to be topical and allow viewers to come to their own conclusions.”

For Bloch, the LCA strives to infuse the community with art, and thereby creating a better place to live. The idea behind Nature Vs. Everything is due to its importance in the art community at large and everyday living. With Nature Vs. Everything, the conversation of the environment is brought up as a necessary topic to discuss; sometimes art is a safe place to do just that.

“We make sure that we are part of the dialogue of the art world,” Bloch said. “We are very welcoming to the community and you might see art forms that you aren’t used to seeing.”

Sharon Goodman, a longtime member of the LCA and retired photographer, was in attendance for the performance. Goodman, who loves to paint, strives to be present for all of the first Fridays of the month and supports the LCA whenever she can. Goodman believes it is important for the community to be exposed to the arts so they can appreciate this aspect of the world.

“People need to support new forms of art to keep them going and keep their own minds going,” Goodman said. “It enhances their own lives.”

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