The Lifers Wind Down at Shady Creek Winery’s Wine Down Dinner

The Lifers Wind Down at Shady Creek Winery’s Wine Down Dinner

So you want something to do on a Friday night, huh? It’s too cold to go outside right now, and what many of us want is a warm meal in a warm place surrounded by warm people. If this is your desire, I have an idea: you should come to the weekly Wine Down Dinners at Shady Creek Winery.

That’s what I did with the boyfriend, Lady Lifer Jenny Craig, and her husband.

“This is almost getting too big because it’s so popular,” Tim Anderson, owner of Shady Creek Winery said. “We love doing this and many of the people who come to these are a mix of regulars and new people so we know we’re doing a good thing here.”

We went to the first Wine Down Dinner of 2016. Wine braised beef stew was on the menu. I’m a sucker for beef stew and I knew that both of the males in our party are “meat and potatoes” types. Jenny is a vegetarian, but she was not forced to have just wine for dinner. The option was available for her to order off of the normal menu, so she got a savory cheese pizza.

As many of you know, Shady Creek Winery is located in La Porte County. When you walk into the cozy confines you are met by the knowledgeable and friendly staff (one who is a R.O.S.E Award recipient, I might add) and in the instance of the wine down dinner, you get a glass of wine and find a seat, or look around at the local artwork on the walls, or check out the funny and cute trinkets that are for sale on the main floor. It was a very casual atmosphere with large groups celebrating life, or an intimate date night for two.

Dinner was served buffet-style and was complete with fresh salad, hot biscuits with butter, and oh-so-sweet cookies and brownies for dessert. Everyone came at their leisure to get their meals, and then they sat at their tables and relaxed. That is probably my favorite thing about Shady Creek: you come in and stay as long as you wish. It’s not like a typical food establishment where servers are expected to get you in and out so the next table can be seated.

Clinking glasses punctuated the mix of music and laughter as the night drew on. There were many wines to choose from. I prefer sweet wine, so I found my happiness with Pink Sky, Lake Michigan Shore. The boyfriend loves dry reds so he went with Syrah, American. Jenny is a dry wine drinker as well and she had the Dry Riesling, Lake Michigan Shore. Her husband likes sweets so he went with Sweet Sunrise, American. Did I mention that many of the wines that Shady Creek serves are award-winning? Just thought I’d toss that in your lap.

"It was my first Wine Down Dinner event and I will be back! It is such a relaxed atmosphere. The team was so nice, the food was great, and as always, the wine was incredible! A perfect Friday night in my book," Jenny said.

If you want to try out the next Wine Down Dinner at Shady Creek, call 219-874-9463 or email to make a reservation. Reservations are required, by the by.