The Lifers had a Mario Party at Zao Island

The Lifers had a Mario Party at Zao Island

So the Lifers had a Mario Kart brawl at Zao Island. It was Steve vs Cait (me) vs Kyle vs Anna. And we got our game on using one of our favorite videogame consoles from our childhood, a Nintendo 64.

Bet you didn’t know you could do that at Zao Island. Oh yes, you can go way beyond birthday parties at Zao. They let us commandeer one of the flat screen TVs in Colada’s so that we could duke it out on island time.

“I’ve been to a few events before this, work-related and just for fun and I’ve always had a good time. It’s really neat that Ryan [Wright] allows people to have their parties here,” Steve said. “We relaxed and had fun, there was plenty of room, I think we’ll have more videogame events here.”

zao-mario-kart 2Fueled by Colada’s pizza and bread bites, and a fierce desire to win, we got to racing. Moo Moo Farm, Yoshi’s Valley, Rainbow Road… Yes, we raced down memory lane, if you will.

“I couldn’t get enough of their pizza and bread bites,” Kyle said. “They have awesome food here and the staff is so cool. I love knowing that Zao is in my town and being able to make a unique experience like this happen here is neat.”

We didn’t really keep track of who won (Kyle swears it was him). What really mattered to us was being able to sit back and have a fun evening with friends.

zao-mario-kart 3“I just liked being able to relax and hang out with my friends,” Anna said. “Zao is an awesome place to hang out whether it’s for an event or just because. Ryan and his team have a great thing going here and I hope more and more people realize that.”

When you think of Zao Island you probably think mini golf and laser tag in the summer, but the business is open year round with lots of indoor offerings that will entertain you in the colder months. We found a unique way to use the space that Zao Island has available, and you can too! Next time you want to have a party or gathering of any type and you want dare to be different, call Zao Island and they can help you out.