The Lakes of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: Kandice Ausdemore

The Lakes of Valparaiso Employee Spotlight: Kandice Ausdemore

A leasing consultant is one of the first faces that potential residents see when they arrive at an apartment community, and the consultants therefore serve a very important purpose. At The Lakes of Valpo, leasing consultants are not only just trying to show off the apartments, they’re also hoping to make a connection and find the best possible option for an interested resident.

Kandice Ausdemore has worked with The Lakes for just over a year as a leasing consultant, and during that time she has learned the value of helping others find what they need. By listening, sharing, and truly considering what is best for a potential resident, she finds that she can often help them through any concerns they have.

“There are always those scary stories where people had bad experiences in the past,” Ausdemore said. “We want to work together to create a better feeling about renting.”

While Ausdemore loves to help potential residents, she understands the need to care for current residents as well. Whether she’s straightening up the Clubhouse, responding to emails, checking the models, or greeting people at the front desk, she knows that being a friendly face is important for all.

“I’m just here as a familiar face to reassure [residents] if they have any issues and to get to know them better,” Ausdemore said. “I think what we stand for at Weiss in general is really helping the resident feel comfortable in their home and feel comfortable in their environment.”

Getting things done and providing a great experience for residents is a top priority for the entire team at The Lakes. Ausdemore commented on the teamwork between office staff, maintenance, and other key people that really makes the job go a lot smoother.

“We all get along really well,” Ausdemore said. “Maintenance and the office staff, we try to make it one cohesive team so that all the residents feel comfortable with all of us, not just one of us. If we can’t communicate well with each other, things get lost in translation and it becomes really hard, but teamwork helps with that.”

Ausdemore works hard to provide a great experience for others, something she attributes to her experience in customer service. Overall, she has immense pride in the place she works.

“[Weiss Entities] took a lot of time for this place,” Ausdemore said. “It’s something the residents can feel proud of and call home. Everything is beautiful.”

Outside of her work as a leasing consultant, Ausdemore enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading, and just generally spending time outdoors.

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