The Lakes of Valparaiso brings its community together with the board and brush event

The Lakes of Valparaiso brings its community together with the board and brush event

The Lakes of Valparaiso apartment complex held a board and brush event on October 25. The board and brush served as one of the monthly events that the Lakes of Valparaiso hold for its residents to bring them together.

Jennifer Coleman, community manager for the Lakes of Valparaiso, elaborated more on the details of this event that make it unique.

“This event is not the typical type of board and brush where there is one standard project that everybody is working on,” Coleman said. “We wanted to make it more fun for the residents, so we gave them two different options of decorating a wall plaque, either Fall or Halloween-themed. We also provided the various stencils, embellishments, and ribbons.”

The Lakes of Valparaiso holds monthly events for its residents as a way of getting them out and having the option to socialize and meet other residents, or just have something fun to do. 

“We’re considered a luxury apartment complex,” Coleman said. “We try to cater to our residents and hold monthly events that peak their interests.”

The Lakes of Valparaiso is a 407-apartment complex that was built back in 2016. It is a pet-friendly place to live and has a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. Several of the amenities include access to a pool, fitness center, playground, clubhouse, and concierge.

The Lakes of Valparaiso are home to a variety of residents of all ages and backgrounds. Events such as the board and brush is a great way for the children as well as the adults to come together and socialize.

“This particular event is a way to encourage the residents to bring out their creativity,” Coleman said. “Next month, we may do something where we’re giving back to the community.” 

Coleman’s hope for these events is that they bring fresh, and new experiences to the residents where they can have fun and make lasting memories.

“We hope our residents feel a sense of community and feel like we care about them,” Coleman said. “We appreciate and value them; Without them, we wouldn’t be here, so I hope they walk away feeling like they had a good time and that it was nice to get away and meet some people and have a drink or some snacks.”

Jenna Quinn Lancor, originally from River Grove, Illinois, moved to the Lakes of Valparaiso for almost two years. 

“My favorite part about living here is that everyone is so nice,” Lancor said. “I also have a two-year-old golden retriever who has a lot of friends here; Probably more friends than I have. It’s fun that it’s so dog friendly.”

Lancor has high hopes for future events at the Lakes of Valparaiso.

“I think it would be great if they had a block party,” Lancor said. “There are so many kids here; They could have a band play and we can all just party.”

Lancor reminisced on her favorite event that was held in the past.

“I loved the Summer event,” Lancor said. “It was the bags tournament. It was so fun, they raffled off probably 100 prizes; Every single person left with a prize. They also had a DJ and a hula hoop competition.”

Cory Griffith, another resident at the Lakes of Valparaiso, just moved in about a week ago. Griffith expressed her excitement for the board and brush event.

“This painting event is really fun and it’s a nice way to get to know other people,” Griffith said. “The apartments are nice. They’re pet friendly, which is nice because I have a dog. The community here is really what inspired me to move here.”

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