“The Hot Dog Guy” on Why He Loves Crown Point

hot-dog-guyThis will be my sixth year as "The Hot Dog Guy", and I Love, Love, Love what I do. I sat behind a desk and/or in a car in a Sales/Marketing position for 30 years and would not change it for the world.

In April 2009, I opened my first hot dog cart on the southeast corner of Joliet & East street across from the Centier bank next to the Super Bowl bowling alley, and two months later my sister (as a joke/gag) bought me a hot dog hat thinking that I would not wear it. To her surprise (not really) I put in on.....and within the hour people were honking their horn, kids were rolling their window down laughing and giving me the thumbs up, people were taking my picture, and I thought maybe my sister is on to something here. Six years later, and now two hot dog carts (the original corner, and now on the SE corner of the square) the hot dog hat is a must wear.

Ever since I have been known as "The Hot Dog Guy." The Hot Dog Guy LOVES a PARTY so I do private parties, birthday's, graduations, wedding receptions, and even most recently at Geisen's funeral home, a wake.....and every time they always ask me if I will be wearing the hot dog hat....of course I will be....I am also now on a first name basis with the folks that make the hats as I order new ones every season. FYI - "The Hot Dog Guy" is for Rent!!

There are so many things that I love about Crown Point, we could spend all day discussing them but here are three of the important ones.

1). My favorite thing about Crown Point is the people. I SERIOUSLY mean this.... they are really awesome, and so supportive of "The Hot Dog Guy". And I would like to think that I support them as well. I ALWAYS have dog biscuits, and a dog dish for water (fresh cold water, at NO CHARGE) for the folks that are out walking there dogs whether they buy a hot dog or not, because "The Hot Dog Guy" has to take care of "The Dogs". I make a joke most of the time that I charge humans for their water, but give it to the dogs for FREE!!! People get a kick out of that. And if you jog/exercise and come by either hot dog cart I hand you a FREE bottle of water, nothing in return is expected, it just makes me feel good to do.

2). Another thing that I love about Crown Point is how friendly everyone is. One of the things that I am known for is "Waving & Saying Hello" to all the people driving/walking by. It is now commonplace for folks to expect a wave, and if I am busy making a hot dog they will honk, roll their window down if not already and holler hello. School buses honk, and the kids on the bus roll the windows down and holler hello. The list really is endless....

3). The third thing that I love about Crown Point is the support that I get from Mayor David Uran. The Mayor is such a small business supporter, that it really shows in his bi-weekly stops to see how everything is going to most of his staffs support as well. The Mayor told me a couple of years ago that I was a great Ambassador to the City. This kind of support is really important to a small guy like me.

"The Hot Dog Guy" has a very active Facebook page with 850+ likes, and I use it daily to let people know that the BEST ALL-BEEF hot dogs, and Polish Sausages in town are now ready, for food specials throughout the season, and for events on the Historic Downtown Square, not just Hot Dog Guy events. As an example "The Hot Dog Guy, was awarded "Sponsor of the Year" in 2013 for the Thursday night Car Cruise which starts May 15 this year from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., and runs every Thursday night (weather permitting) until the last Thursday of Sept which is the 25th. The Hot Dog Guy has already booked 5 Thursday nights with Mr. Wayne Para of Five Star DJ & Karaoke, is currently in conversation with Shine.FM for a possible appearance or two on the square, and will soon be announcing 2-4 appearances with the Infamous Mr. Tom Lounges to entertain us with some classic rock and roll on the square this summer as well....

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