The Gates of St. John Welcomes New Parade of Homes After a Seven Year Hiatus

The Gates of St. John recently held their Parade of Homes, a noteworthy event as this was the first parade of homes event to be held in seven years, marking a fresh new beginning for both the housing market and the St. John housing and home building community.

“The Northwest Indiana Homebuilders Association used to have a parade of home every year, but since the down turn of the economy, this is the first parade of homes we have been able to have in seven years," said Executive Officer of the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Indiana Vicky Gadd. “Being able to have this now proves how well housing is coming back and how excited we are to have it in this beautiful subdivision and have eight builders participate, its incredible.”

The Gates of St. John sits on over 700 acres featuring multiple housing designs and options for a variety of tastes and price ranges. Each of the builders who participated in building each of the houses were able to bring their own vision and design philosophy to each house both inside and outside.

“The parade people have been great with no issues and very cooperative,” said Reinsma Homes Owner Bill Reinsma . “With the open floor plan and loft area it really lets it stick out from other housing options.”

“These houses have a very traditional, very homey feeling with a lot of features that set it apart from other homes,” says Trademark Development Agent and Co-Owner Violet Terzioski.

“Through the Homebuilders Association we've have builders and members of trades participate in this community as well as contribute to building the houses you see here today,” says Gadd.

Among the abundance of housing options, The Gates of St. John is also close to a variety of open areas designed for families and friends to enjoy their leisure time outdoors.

“St. John is a perfect community, with perfect shopping and a school district. It's one of the top growing communities in Northwest Indiana and we're happy to be a part of it,” says Terzioski.

“It's a fabulous place to live. It is so close to Chicago and so easy for people to get there,” says Gadd. “The town here is really trying to move forward and bring in a lot of businesses and recreation and with plenty of options for children and families to play, its just a great place to live.”

After a seven year slew of bad luck with the housing market, many feel the optimism of the recovering market and with communities like the Gates of St. John, many are looking to share this new optimism with all potential homeowners.

“It's been a seven year long journey,” says President of the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Indiana Ted Kelly. “We're excited to have a parade of homes and have an opening day again.”