The Frank J Mrvan North Township Trustee banks on 2019 successes to break chain of poverty in 2020

The Frank J Mrvan North Township Trustee banks on 2019 successes to break chain of poverty in 2020
By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: January 30, 2020

Breaking the chain of poverty is at the heart of the team’s work at the Frank J. Mrvan North Township Trustee’s office. Through their many programs, the township plays a vital role in helping the communities they serve. In 2019, the Trustee team saw many of their programs have great success.   

“Our job is to bring the community together to eliminate those social or emotional issues so our clients can be thriving in the community and working with a purpose at a family supported job,” Mrvan said.

One of the biggest achievements in 2019 was the implementation of the social worker community crisis intervention team. Under the lead of licensed social worker Rosie Quintanilla, the team works with local police departments to help with domestic abuse cases, addiction recovery, and other socio/economic related issues. Knowing that police resources are often limited, the North Township Trustee leverages highly-skilled staff to step in and help community members who are in need.

“We get the case file and then engage with the family to see what social services may be necessary. We make sure that people have access to information that will help them get out of bad situations,” Mrvan said. “This is an important program and I’m pretty proud of it.”

Last year saw a continuation of the North Township Trustee’s excellent work with veterans. In particular, The Narva Home in East Chicago thrived. The home was rehabbed with partnerships from local unions to house veterans in need. The Trustee was able to find a homeless veteran and her 6-year-old son to take up residence. The North Township trustee will work with the veteran, providing meetings with a social worker who has already helped her find a job. The resident also attends financial literacy courses in preparation for the family to transition to their own Habitat for Humanity home within two years. 

“Being able to advocate and help veterans is a highlight for us,” Mrvan said. 

One of the long-standing focuses of the North Township Trustee is improving the quality of life for senior citizens, and this year was no different. Through outings, luncheons, produce giveaways, and holiday dances, the Trustee works hard to bring community and joy to seniors. 

“These activities increase the quality of life for our senior citizens. I believe it’s something our seniors look forward to and they enjoy,” Mrvan said. “Engagement and making sure that you’re active and involved with the community can extend life. Bringing people together and letting them enjoy each other’s company is something that is good for our whole community.”

Of course, engaging with the entire community is a priority for the North Township Trustee and with programs like the Summer Concert Series at Wicker Park, this past year was stellar. The Thursday concerts saw a record-breaking 2,000 attendees several times this summer, showing the North Township Trustee that the community is definitely engaged with what they are doing. Next year will hopefully be just as big, if not bigger.

“We’re going to do everything we can for the quality of life at Wicker Park and to build on everything we’ve done,” Mrvan said. “We want to make sure that when people come to visit, there is something new and vibrant each and every year.” 

For Frank J Mrvan, 2019 brought his election as President to the Indiana Township Association. With 1,008 townships across the state of Indiana, Mrvan led the way. 

“As president, you guide that organization and lead it to make sure you’re watching legislature to see what kind of legislation is impacting the township association,” Mrvan said. “I was able to bring programs that we’re doing here in Northwest Indiana to township trustees throughout the state.” 

One piece of legislation Mrvan helped the state pass was for all schools to implement a North Township Trustee educational program called No More Secrets, which focuses on teaching children about body, internet, and self-safety. 

In 2020, Mrvan and team plan to build on these successful programs, and a focus on working with other community leaders to bring peace to some communities. 

“I want to continue to impact the community with our social work programs and to really dive deep into working toward non-violent conflict resolutions,” Mrvan said.

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