#1StudentNWI: The Excitement for Summer and Graduation at Gavit

#1StudentNWI: The Excitement for Summer and Graduation at Gavit

Student Spotlight

Sophia Chapman, Gavit High School senior, is known for her passion for music. Chapman is involved in the Woodmar Singers choir at Gavit. At the Indiana State School Music Association Choral competition, Chapman received a gold medal for her solo in Division I (the most difficult division).

Chapman says that she has always loved music. Growing up listening to multiple genres of music helped Chapman develop an appreciation for the different types of music that exist.

“It [music] always made me feel at peace, and I felt it was my place in life to create music and share it with others. Not only that, growing up I have not had the easiest circumstances and music has helped me to stay strong and has become my escape from the negatives in my life or to simply let my emotions out.”

In addition to singing, Chapman also writes her own music. Music is Chapman’s stress reliever and a way for her to express her emotions.

“My favorite thing about music is being able to communicate emotions and messages through it. When I write my songs, I always have a specific message I want the people listening to understand, but it is also up to the audience’s interpretation. Music is so flexible and can be used to portray literally anything and can be shared with millions of others and we can all connect to it. It fascinates me how it can bring together all walks of life and influence others.”

Chapman wants to change the world through her music. Chapman wants her songs to “open up discussions and bring important issues to the surface to talk about.”

“I want to become an influential person to speak about issues that others are too scared to talk about or merely look over such as women’s rights and gun violence. Also, I’d love for my music to reach others and help them get through hard times in their lives the same way it has helped me.”

The advice that Chapman has for students is to “find a support system”.

“There will be many times where you want to give up. This feeling will be stronger at some times more than others. The people you surround yourself with will either lift you up towards your dream or tear you down along with them.”

In the fall, Chapman will be attending Columbia College Chicago to major in Music and Songwriting. Good luck to Sophia Chapman as she starts this new, exciting chapter in her life!

What’s Recently Happened?2Gavit

On May 17, the Gladiators celebrated their “Moonlight Masquerade” prom at Dynasty Banquets in Hammond. Many Gladiators traveled to Centennial Park in Munster or Whihala Beach in Whiting to take pictures. The tables were decorated with beautiful vases that contained silver branches and black and gold masks. Different kinds of masks were laid on the table for each student to wear. Each student received a goodie bag with a “Moonlight Masquerade” t-shirt and picture frame.

The most awaited part of prom was hearing who won prom king and queen. The queen nominees were Yareli Munoz, Sophia Chapman, Nicole Brown, and Kenyanna Raggs; the king nominees were Shamari Walker, David Hacker, Cesar Rivera, and Eugene Johnson. Congratulations to David Hacker and Sophia Chapman for winning prom queen and king. After prom, the countdown for graduation began.

On Thursday May 9th, National Honor Society celebrated the induction of new members. The juniors who were chosen to be a part of National Honor Society not only excel academically, but also excel in their extracurriculars. These scholars make a difference in their communities and represent Gavit High School proudly. Congratulations to everyone who was inducted in National Honor Society.

What’s Coming Up?3Gavit

The warm weather is making the Gladiators excited for summer. The Gladiators’ last day of school is June 3rd, and everyone is counting down the days. The seniors are excited for their Senior Breakfast and Senior Honors Day on May 31st. On Senior Honors Day, students are recognized for their amazing work throughout their high school careers. The entire high school and family members of seniors get together to congratulate the graduating class. The most awaited day for the seniors at Gavit is June 4th, Graduation Day. The seniors are excited to start a new chapter of their lives. Some gladiators are going to college, some are entering the workforce, and others are joining the military or trade school. Congratulations to the Class of 2019!