The Band Plays One Last Time for Longtime VHS Band Director Daniel Pritchett

On July 7th, the Central Park Plaza in downtown Valparaiso was packed with people of all ages eager to see Mr. Pritchett conduct one final band concert. The Alumni Concert was organized by the Valparaiso High School Music Department in honor of Mr. Pritchett's retirement. Daniel R. Pritchett has retired after 38 years as a conductor and teacher of the "A" Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Studio Band, and jazz improvisation.

"This day is all about celebrating music. I'm so thankful for the over 135 Alumni who have come from all over the country to make this day possible," said Mr. Pritchett.

Danielle Weiler, a former Valparaiso High School student and spectator at the Alumni concert said, "My friends always talked about how much they loved band and the great atmosphere that came with being involved in it. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Mr. Pritchett's retirement than this concert, it was wonderful."

β€œMy favorite part about having Mr. Pritchett as a band director was the fact that I could tell he really cared about what he did and I could always tell that he cared about me as both a student and person. Plus Mr. Pritchett had an amazing sense of humor; it was always enjoyable experience going to band practice every day, ” explained Lauren Lafferty, a Valparaiso High School Graduate and a performer in the Alumni concert.

Mr. Pritchett will leave an everlasting legacy as one of Valparaiso Community schools most influential band directors. His caring and enthusiastic personality has surely left an impact on everyone and he will greatly be missed by the students of Valparaiso High School.

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