The 2018 Popcorn Festival Recap

The 2018 Popcorn Festival Recap

A big year for Valparaiso! The 40th Annual Popcorn Festival was a popping success! Every year, it seems that the tradition celebrating Orville Redenbacher gets better and better. The ValpoLife crew hovered through the action, ready to capture every smile and victorious pose as runners reached the finish line, families and friends shared snacks, and festivity paraded through the streets.

2018 Popcorn Panic

This “race” was anything but a panic! Citizens from all across Northwest Indiana rallied for the annual Popcorn Panic, sponsored by Currie Motors and Nitco this year; contestants had the option to run, jog, or walk 3-5 miles to the finish line. With the diverse group of participants, the 2018 Popcorn Panic was an awesome event!

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2018 Lit’l Kernel Puff Run

The smallest kernels pop the fastest! The 2018 Lit’l Kernel Puff Run, sponsored by General Insurance Services this year, made room for runners ages 2-9 to hit the downtown pavement! While their family and friends cheered them on, these kiddos made a beeline for the finish line!

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2018 Valparaiso Popcorn Parade

The cherry on top of this popcorn-sprinkled sundae of a festival is the Valparaiso Popcorn Parade. Every year, scores of organizations participate in the parade, waving and entertaining the entire city that’s turned out to watch. This year was no exception, with over 100 groups in the parade and streets filled with smiling attendees. We even snagged some photos from above the action!

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