Teachers From Across Northwest Indiana Learn about Minds in Motion

Held at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor's Center in Chesterton and sponsored by the United Way Programs of La Porte, Elkhart, and Porter counties, 100 teachers from the 3 counties were present on Friday, as Candace S. Meyer, Founder & CEO, presented the Minds In Motion program.

Designed to stimulate a child's visual, auditory skills and motor skills, this revolutionary program is designed to accelerate a child's potential for academic, athletic, and social success. It was developed using clinical data and a machine created by NASA for use with astronauts.Meyer, a reading specialist of 40 years, started the company 15 years ago and her program is currently being used in school systems 15 different states.

The company has 2 private centers located in Carmel, IN and Louisville, KY. The Minds in Motion program uses a Minds in Motion Maze, designed to stimulate the inner ear system which controls the ocular movement of the eyes, the auditory processing to the brain, and the motoric function of the body. If these are integrated well into the child, it will produce high functioning children.

The program used in schools incorporates a system of 15 different stations would go through during the day that takes about 3-5 minutes per day. "Why our children are struggling is because they're not getting the movement that past generations did. This movement is crucial to learning," explained Meyer.

<p>Meyer's goal for the seminar was to share the scientific data to the educators. "I'm trying to spread the word on that scientific piece that we've been overlooking that will clarify how proficiently a child is put together and set for learning," she said.

Kris Pate, Executive Director, United Way of La Porte County, heard about the program a few years ago while working in Pittsburgh, PA. "It's not an expensive program to run but the outcomes are mind blowing!" explained Pate. She shared that the United Way of La Porte County works very closely with the programs in Porter and Elkhart and they are always looking for ways to help children be successful. As she began talking with the other two programs about Minds In Motion, they became very interested. The event today was a regional effort between the three. "Adults and Seniors can also benefit from the Minds In Motion program," explained Meyer.

Minds in Motions is utilized in 58 sites in Elkhart County said Kim Olesker, Regional Director, United For Children. She originally learned of the program through United Way of Elkhart. "The benefit is so amazing for the children of all ages and abilities," said Olesker. She hopes to partner with all school systems, child care facilities, faith-based schools, to be able to get this in their systems. "At United Way, we want to share in the collaboration with them."

Ken Kosky, Promotions Director, Indiana Dunes Visitor Center shared that they work with a lot of community organizations, like United Way, to promote their events and are pleased to have been chosen as the host site for this event. "We certainly wanted to support them by allowing them the use of this facility and wanted to participate in this worthwhile project." The location was chosen because of it's proximity to the major highway. "We extend the invitation to other organizations to use our meeting room and theater. We want to be a valuable part of the community."

Lorie Morgan, a special education teacher at Liberty Elementary School was amazed at what the presenter had to say. She works primarily with children with behavioral problems and emotional disabilities and is excited to implement this program in her classroom. "I'm already envisioning what space where it will be located in the classroom."

"This is really transformative in how we think about our schools and the set up of our environments for learning for all children and adapting to the ways in which we learn and the ways in which our brains develop." said Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Ed.D.,Purdue University North Central

For more information regarding the Minds In Motion Program, please visit their web site at www.mimlearning.com.