Teachers Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Nicole Alcorn

Teachers Credit Union Employee Spotlight: Nicole Alcorn

Teachers Credit Union has been committed to giving back to the community to ensure the areas they serve achieve financial success. Last year alone, TCU gave back more than $750k to communities. Nicole Alcorn, mother of two and  Senior Vice President and Chief Experience Officer has been with the company for almost two years. Alcorn emphasizes the importance of supporting the community that she's called home for the last 18 years.

“When I saw the SVP Chief Experience Officer position was available, I knew it had my name on it and it has given me new opportunities,” said Alcorn. “I’m an advocate for service and I believe some things can go wrong but service should never go wrong with how we treat people.”

Alcorn noted her passion for customer service stems from working with her grandmother and witnessing the one-of-a-kind service she provided.

“I would go with her to the bakery she worked at on Saturday’s and found giving that same quality of service was born in me,” Alcorn explained.

Communicating was what she learned from her grandmother and Alcorn implements those skills into her role at TCU. Alcorn’s goal is to inspire team members to “capitalize on their talents and maximize their energy and capability” to provide that “wow” member service.

“With my role at the credit union, it’s basically to provide that service to our members but it’s getting our team members to do it,” said Alcorn. “Member service doesn’t start with the member, it actually starts with the team members.

Aside from being an innovator in customer service, Alcorn shares TCU’s commitment to giving back to the community by finding new programs to implement. This includes the “Pay it Forward” & “Acts of Kindness” programs. Alcorn said the Pay it Forward program was an idea from another team member and she LOVED the concept. TCU would provide team members with $20 for them to make someone’s day or make a small difference to an organization in the community. They’re welcome to split the money or go in together with other team members so they can give a bigger donation.

 “Our staff share their talents, whether that be serving as a mentor or as a coach, or building a home for someone in need, our team members give back to our communities for better place to work, live and raise a family," said Alcorn. “Basically, it’s to make someone smile.”