TCU Financial Empowerment Program Updates

TCU-Financial-Empowerment-Program-Updates-2018The TCU Financial Empowerment Program Powered by FoolProof is a FREE, web-driven educational program that provides the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to make a lifetime of good financial decisions and is currently taught by hundreds of teachers in high schools and middle schools throughout Indiana.

A brand-new addition to the TCU Financial Empowerment Program is in-home programming for parents to help teach their high school or college-age children financial literacy. Included are 16 subject modules and other resources.

Topics Include:

  • Building and Maintaining a Positive Credit History
  • Protecting Your Personal and Financial Privacy
  • Preparing for the Present and Future
  • Achieving Financial Well-Being

TCU’s curriculum is the only financial literacy program endorsed by both The National Association of Consumer Advocates, The Consumer Federation of America, Public Citizen and The Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood. TCU is the only financial institution in Indiana providing this unique resource.

To access this free program simply visit

Teachers: Coming soon is a Spanish version of the in-school TCU Financial Empowerment Program! Keep an eye on our website for updates, call us at (800) 552-4745 or click here to send us an email.