Switch up your workout routine for added health benefits and you may earn financial rewards

Switch up your workout routine for added health benefits and you may earn financial rewards

Exercise is important to help maintain good health. But when you only stick to one workout routine, you may run the risk of boredom, burnout or worse – injury. By stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new exercise options, you may be able to stay engaged, work new muscle groups and discover renewed motivation – and, perhaps, even earn financial incentives. 

Consider these five fitness activities to help keep you motivated and moving.

  1. Dancing
    Turn on a Zumba class or freestyle to some of your own music – you may get a great workout while having fun. Dance may also help improve your balance and build strength. Depending on your weight and the intensity, you may burn a couple hundred calories in just 30 minutes. 
  2. Elliptical
    This popular workout machine may be a great option for a high-calorie burn with low impact. By putting less stress on your joints, back and hips, it may be good for those with arthritis, knee pain or for people just starting a fitness routine. 
  3. Gardening
    Have to spruce up your yard? Whether it’s gardening, pulling weeds or mowing the lawn, this everyday maintenance may also count as a workout. Plus, being outside may help improve your health and wellness by reducing your stress levels.
  4. Lifting weights
    Strength training is important for your health, especially as you age and muscle mass tends to decline. While you may gain muscle due to the strength routine, it may also help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Lifting weights may also help you manage chronic conditions and increase bone density.
  5. Swimming
    There are many potential health benefits to swimming. It works your body from head-to-toe without putting pressure on your joints, helps improve your cardiovascular health and may even lower your blood pressure. In a half hour, it may burn anywhere from 250-488 calories, depending on your weight and what stroke you choose. 

Need a little more motivation to tie up your shoelaces and try a new workout? Beyond meeting your fitness goals, financial incentives may give you the extra push toward a more active lifestyle. Consider the benefits you may get through signing up for a wellness program through your employer or health plan — you may earn rewards for activities like those listed above.

For instance, for UnitedHealthcare members who may have the UnitedHealthcare Motion® program, participants may earn financial rewards by meeting certain daily activity goals, based on the frequency, intensity and tenacity of those workouts. 

As more people work to include fitness into their routine, wellness programs are also catering to those who are new to exercise or limited by a health issue. Look for program options that best suit your goals or restrictions. You may be able to participate at a lower intensity.

Check your health plan for what wellness programs you may have available to you.