Surround yourself with natural beauty and luxury homes in the Brooks at Vale Park

Surround yourself with natural beauty and luxury homes in the Brooks at Vale Park

Nestled among over 50 acres of preserved greenspace lies a dreamy development you’ll never want to leave.

Introducing: The Brooks at Vale Park. Located in the heart of Valparaiso and just minutes from Valparaiso High School, the Brooks offers a natural escape from the bustling city without sacrificing convenience and amenities.

With three different neighborhoods to choose from, there are homes fit for any lifestyle.

People looking for a luxury lot with plenty of privacy can find a place in Silver Oaks, which offers upscale custom homes on large lots with natural streams and unique vegetation. The luxury homes are truly at the center of it all.

For people looking for a more affordable option, the Bluffs and the Upland Prairie offer beautiful homes with breathtaking views rivaling those found at the Indiana Dunes.

Both the Bluffs and the Upland Prairie will be built by Diamond Peak Homes, and homeowners will be able to choose from 11 different home styles for a semi-custom single family home. It didn’t take long for Owner Scott Crook and Vice President of Sales Rick Hemphill to feel drawn to the site.

“When we were contemplating whether we were going to be a part of it, there was a walking trail that went down the middle of the land. As soon as Scott and I actually walked the entire thing we looked at each other like ‘oh yeah, we're doing this.’ What really makes it special is its typography and how beautiful it is,” said Hemphill.

In addition to the ideal lots, the Brooks will feature many community amenities including a pickleball court, a pool with zero-entry zones, a clubhouse, over three miles of walking trails, two lakes, and much more. Owning a home in the Brooks will provide the chance to explore nature and get active without ever having to leave the neighborhood.

The site of the Brooks has been coveted for years by developers in the area. While developing surrounding subdivisions Keystone Commons, Harrison West, and Pepper Creek, Jake Wagner, owner of VJW Limited, LLC., couldn’t get the property out of his head. When the property was finally up for sale, Wagner jumped at the opportunity.

There was an issue, however. Despite finally being able to buy the land from its previous owners, there was a massive drainage issue that the City of Valparaiso had been fighting for years.

In an agreement between the City and Wagner, a public-private joint venture, which allowed the team to both solve the drainage problem and develop the land, was formed. The agreement means that VJW Limited will develop and design a stormwater management facility within the neighborhood, and the City of Valparaiso will buy back that property and manage the facility through the parks department.

This joint venture created an ideal solution for both the city and Wagner.

“I can talk about it forever. I am proud of it,” said Wagner. “It's a development that if I could have wished to have one end to my career, this is it. We had a lot of cooperation with a lot of the departments of the city to make it a reality. We've had just overwhelming interest in the lots with reservations and pre-sales already, so the proof is there. We always want to hit the target by the buyer's preference, and we definitely did. It's turning out to be everything that I wanted and expected it to be. You can't wish for more than that.”

Wagner was just one of many people eyeing the Brooks property and longing for more. Before developing the property was ever brought to light, Lot Owners Steve and Diane Buchelt would discuss the dream of owning a house against the tree line during their walks along the trails that ran through the land.

“We would come in and walk along the trail that ran through the Brooks before it was even considered a development. We saw the property there and thought it would be really lovely to be able to have a home up against the woods,” said Steve Buchelt.

Thanks to the lottery-style sale of lots in the Brooks, the Buchelts were able to secure the perfect spot for their dream home.

In a typical lot sale, only builders can bid on properties within a subdivision. The Brooks, however, opened the lottery to the public. This decision to include the public resulted in selling 52 lots within the first two hours of going on the market.

There are plenty of builders involved as well, with 42 builder-controlled lots available in the Silver Oaks neighborhood, and many available lots in the Bluffs and the Upland Prairie.

The lottery system created an even playing field for individual buyers and builders alike. With no hierarchy of who could have access to lots, prospective buyers were able to secure their dream lots and choose from a list of Porter County’s most popular builders to create their dream home.

Realtor Andrew Knies of Brokerworks Real Estate Group has been established as the communications liaison between prospective buyers and partnering builders. For Knies, the opportunity to be so involved in such an anticipated subdivision has been a major milestone in his real estate career.

The location, along with the multitude of amenities, has drawn prospective buyers from all over the Region, and Knies is proud to present the Brooks to people that will directly benefit from its features.

“I'm proud to be out here. It has the rolling creeks, it has the clubhouse, it has the pool, and I get to see the excitement of every person that walks through there. That makes me super proud,” said Knies.

There are still gorgeous lots available for purchase, but they won’t be on the market for long. To secure your chance at life in The Brooks at Vale Park, visit