Surf Internet expanding fiber internet in rural Indiana

Surf Internet expanding fiber internet in rural Indiana

Surf Internet, a leading provider for Fiber-Optic internet access to homes and businesses across Indiana, plans to continue its expansion to underserviced areas this year. As part of their strategy, this past October they began the application process to receive a Next Level Connections Broadband Grant. The Next Level Connections Broadband Grant Program, hosted by the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs, is investing $270 million towards internet access in Indiana.

Surf Internet s is one of a few companies in the area participating in the grant application process. This funding will be part of the investment  Surf Internet is making to further expand access into Porter, La Porte, and Elkhart counties, as well as other areas in rural Indiana. This will not only provide secure access to individual households and make it easier for students and families to have this utility, but it will also be easier for businesses to operate in rural areas.

“We’ve gotten to the point that access to reliable Fiber-Optic Internet is a modern essential utility. People absolutely need it for their day-to-day lives. It became really evident when the pandemic hit and everyone had to work or attend school from home,” said Steve Carender, Surf Internet's VP of Commercial Sales.

Access to Fiber-Optic Internet is just one of the benefits that residents will see with this expansion. Carender shared that recent studies conducted by the University of Austin show that having Fiber Internet at your home increases the home's value. Another benefit of having this modern essential utility in Northwest Indiana is that it allows residents of the area to work or run their businesses from home.

This project will also help alleviate the connection interruptions that internet users might be used to dealing with during notorious Midwest weather events or weaker connections due to increased use. Customers won’t have to find a reliable connection outside of their home anymore.

“We live in these areas; we want to make sure that our neighbors and schools have good Internet. So the more Fiber we have in the ground, the more competitive companies can be, the more attractive the area is, and the overall quality of life improves. Everything is done online now,” Carender said.

Surf Internet completed the competitive round of application submissions this month and grants are expected to be awarded in April. Once awarded,  Surf Internet plans to have Internet services live within the following 18 months.

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