Surf Broadband Solutions breaks ground on Plymouth fiber internet network

Surf Broadband Solutions breaks ground on Plymouth fiber internet network

Plymouth, Ind. is Surf Broadband Solutions' newest “Gig City” as the internet service provider broke ground Monday on its latest phase of a buildout for an all new fiber internet network for the community. The network is set to offer customers affordable connections up to 1 Gig symmetrical upload/download speeds.

Surf Broadband Solutions Ground Breaking

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Surf Broadband Solutions Ground BreakingSurf Broadband Solutions Ground BreakingSurf Broadband Solutions Ground BreakingSurf Broadband Solutions Ground Breaking

Construction on the network is already well underway for its earlier phases, and Surf is aiming to begin connecting customers as soon as this May. The push to Plymouth is part of its aggressive efforts to expand fiber optic internet to homes and businesses across Northern Indiana – particularly to underserviced rural or otherwise isolated communities. Customers in Plymouth will be able to take advantage of Surf’s service which comes with no contracts, data caps, or hidden fees and offers the same kind of speed and reliability found anywhere else in the country.

“Broadband is an equalizer, it gives people in towns like Plymouth access to the same resources as those in larger communities,” said Gene Crusie, CEO of Surf Broadband Solutions. “We believe that this technology is transformational, it’s going to usher in a whole new era of innovation that’s going to change rural and urban areas alike.”

The Plymouth network is the result of collaboration between Surf, the city of Plymouth and Marshall County. Monday’s groundbreaking represents the culmination of countless hours of work and planning to bring the city the speed residents deserve.

“I’ve heard nothing but great things from other communities. I know that city council members over in Bourbon are already hooked up,” said Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter. “I’m glad that they took the time to do this latest groundbreaking today, and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

“I just appreciate everything that Surf is doing to bring fiber internet and broadband to homes throughout the county,” he said. “As we could see over the last two years, a lot of kids had to stay home to do their schoolwork with their classes canceled. This is something that gives those kids an opportunity to continue their education.”

"Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer played a major role in making the Plymouth network happen," said Crusie. "The commissioner spoke during the groundbreaking about how high-speed internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessary utility."

Fiber internet will be going live in Plymouth over about 14 phases, with some coming live as early as May of this year. Crusie praised a number of community partners that are helping to make the network a possibility, including ChoiceLight, Inc. out of South Bend, Hyper Wave Technologies, Rochester Telephone Co., and Marshall County Fiber.

“They’re making sure as many people as possible in Marshall County have access to our service,” Crusie said. “We’re very excited to be a part of Plymouth. It’s a great community and they’ve really embraced us, and they believe in broadband."

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