Sublime Speaks: Start Fresh, Buy New

Sublime Speaks: Start Fresh, Buy New

Why buy new? The benefits of buying new construction homes

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. Imagine the spacious, light-filled rooms that make up its thoughtful floor plan. Think about the clean design you love, and all the luxurious details you always wanted to have in a home. Hold the picture you created of this beautiful home in your mind and envision what your life could be like if you lived there.

When you decide to buy a house, you deserve to move into the home that is a reflection of your design style and meets your family’s needs. Unfortunately, instead of investing in a new construction home, many people choose to buy older, houses that need tens of thousands of dollars for repairs and remodeling. Dated wallpaper is not going to remove itself. Older cabinets will need to be replaced by professionals. Trying to create an open floor plan in a home that was not designed that way is a major construction project, which can end up costing you thousands.  

Buying a truly new home means you have total control over all design choices. Instead of stressing about attempting to recreate your dream home in an existing house, you can work with your builder and designer to ensure that all the details that make you excited to become a homeowner get included. After all, a new home is your home. 

In addition, new construction can save you hundreds and thousands on energy bills as new homes are built with new appliances and energy saving construction materials.

At Sublime Homes, we fully believe new construction homes have a major impact on the lives of the people who live in them. We design every element of our new homes to ensure that homeowners have a space that facilitates comfortable living and an inspired life.